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Repo info
    Charlie Robbins
    What’s up y’all. Trying this out for pkgcloud.
    Arlo Ihrig
    This looks cool.
    Ross Kukulinski
    Charlie Robbins
    @rosskukulinski you seen @kenperkins anytime recently? Trying to figure out the state of pkgcloud/pkgcloud#475
    Ross Kukulinski
    Haven't talked to him in a while. Month or two? Tho I've been under a rock
    Charlie Robbins
    Oh? How’s the new company? :)
    Alexis Rivera De La Torre
    hello, i been looking at this lib. and i been trying to get it to work on my kilo devstack of openstack. all i get is this econnfefused
    would some one know why this is the case?
    Christoffer Lans
    Hello everyone! Am I allowed to ask some cloud related questions in here?
    Christoffer Lans
    This message was deleted
    Ken Perkins
    Charlie Robbins
    Hi. I'm on vacation until 3/29. Good to have you back
    Ken Perkins
    no biggie
    just trying to get back intot hings
    work priorities are a bit different for me now
    Hi guys, I use https://github.com/pkgcloud/pkgcloud/blob/master/docs/providers/openstack/storage.md#container-model this one, and I cant get how I can get link to uploaded file or change permission and get link
    Hey, so I am at a loss. Any resources on Paginated collections, setting limit and marker
    Murali S
    hi local run of npm run travis fails with xmlparse error
    how can i fix it ?
    Hi everyone:
    I'm just getting started with pkgcloud - and 'npm run travis ' fails on master with nodejs 0.10.48 and 6.10
    Any ideas as to what might be wrong with my environment?
    Does anyone have experience with the openstack extension of pkgcloud ? I need to know if it is possible to disable the "config drive" as apparently the default is enabling it, while using other method in openstack (webconsole or nova command line) doesn't. I couldn't find anything clear in the documentation on that topic. The issue with config drive is that it impact the disk i/o performances of the running windows 10 vms.
    Cesar Salazar
    Hi. Is pkgcloud still maintained? I see a lot of PRs, and issues,... some of them critical and easy to fix: pkgcloud/pkgcloud#573
    Mike Lohmann
    Hi. Same question here. Who can merge these PRs? Does it make sense to fork and merge then?
    Boštjan Pišler
    Hi, anyone know if it's possible to swap the S3 url for Digitalocean spaces url? Thanks
    Daniel Mossaband
    Any updates on high vulnerability ?
    Jose Segura Nietzen
    Hi, I have a issue to upload a file with extension *.ts. but when I upload a file with different extension this works
    any idea?