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    Ian Carroll
    Justin R. Andrusk
    Crypto rules!
    encrypt like everyone is reading your data
    Athanasios Kostopoulos
    encrypt like its 1999 :-)

    Hey guys I am a intern working for a corporation here in Normal, IL

    I have just installed PKI.io and would like to continue configuration/testing to see if it meets the needs of the corporation. After installation what is the next step as I am new to Linux and need clear documentation. The only Documentation for PKI.io I can find is installation.

    Is there configuration documentation anywhere that I am missing by any chance?
    Well the it seems I scrolled right through it. Nevermind I will return if I need any more help thanks guys
    sorry for wasting your time
    Fraser Scott
    Hey everyone, sorry for never replying. I was under the impression that Gitter was going to send email notifications for any missed messages. Never saw any ;)
    hey @NoKoMoNo did you manage to get up and running ok?
    I'll try the Gitter android client i think
    Melvin Carvalho
    nice project! :D
    Fraser Scott
    Thanks :)
    There seem to be a few projects around in this space now.
    Melvin Carvalho
    @zeroXten I'm trying to merge OpenSSL and X.509 via github ... https://github.com/gitpay/util
    work in progress ...
    Fraser Scott
    openssh to x509?
    Melvin Carvalho
    yes so then you can use your openssh keys to create an x.509
    which can also be used for client login
    Fraser Scott
    ah nice :)
    Melvin Carvalho
    single sign on
    Fraser Scott
    looks interesting
    Melvin Carvalho
    @zeroXten thanks! :) more info at : http://webid.info/
    Is it possible to create sub-ca with pki.io ?
    Chris Tooley
    @zeroXten Hello. Is this project still actively being used/developed? I'm interested in setting things up, but if it's stalled out and there is no active work going towards it I'm not sure I'll get our security team's buyin.