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seems that I can not clenly unistall stashed either
after uninstalling it seems that a wrapper is still active since it is spamming this message when building:
"warning : Stashed service is not available. This will not be accelerated. Is the service running?"
Liru Færs
Is it a known problem that sometimes builds just stop, until you manually disable frontends from dashboard?

In Logs, I get this Error: 2019/02/17 13:23:51.054 ERROR
Disable(): Object {reason: "msvs:v2017:211b1ebd:14.16.27023:x86_x64:remove d:\programs\microsoft visual studio\2017\community\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.16.27023\bin\HostX86\x64\cl.exe: Access is denied."}

reason: "msvs:v2017:211b1ebd:14.16.27023:x86_x64:remove d:\programs\microsoft visual studio\2017\community\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.16.27023\bin\HostX86\x64\cl.exe: Access is denied."

Hi all, I've a very silly question..Which is the best way to understand if stashed.io is working? I just installed but I don't know if is enabled and working apart watching the stats (I've no log tracked of the actions taken)
I want to demonstrate the advantages of this solution + incredibuild comparing times with or without stashed.io. What I'm doing is rebuild the project and taking times.
But I don't know how to enable/disable
Hi, I'm looking for a list of supported compilers, or something like that...
Simon Hudon
Hi! Is it possible to use stashed with appveyor? I looked for a choco package but I haven't found one.
Jan Wilmans
I should have 4 seats licenced, but my tray stays its not licensed
Can someone help me figure that out ?
Ray Donnelly
I need to cache stuff on my NAS, but it seems to only offer me C:\
BTW I had the whole thing installed before any mention of licencing was encountered. I had thought it was free. Still, if it works well enough I can ask my company to pay and hope for the best!
Ray Donnelly
.. though the tumbleweed around here isn't so inspiring,
Yeah, I'm not sure it's still running, sadly. We've sent an email but got no reply.
I think they still let you pay for it though :/
Jan Wilmans
I'm a happy user, it works very well...
Ray Donnelly
That's great! For me it creates files without and read or write permissions for my user every so often
I uninstalled it and am looking into just using ccache instead.
Jan Wilmans
Ray, I'm not sure how to compare the two, stashed is visual studio only and ccache is linux gcc/clang only ?
Ray Donnelly
@janwilmans a lot of commits have been merged to ccache lately to support Windows and MSVC. Someone also releases binaries on github. I've not managed to get it to work yet mind you. stashed.io was cool though, except for the bug I hit which ended up costing more than the hours it saved me up til then!
Ruben Stein
I am evaluating it, but I don't want to introduce a closed source project without support. I guess the project is discontinued?
Jan Wilmans
stashed.io discontinued? why do you think that?
Ray Donnelly
Ruben: for most uses, conda install ccache will suffice, if you are happy to use conda.
Hey! I'm evaluating this staff for a dev team to get approval for license funds. Could someone please help me? Question is - what are the prerequisites for connecting agents from separate PCs in the same network? These are in the same subnet, connected by LAN, but don't see each other. Do I need to drop some settings in firewalls or anywhere?
Also a question - what is the strategy for renewing cache? Does it drop old-aged objects, or just not accepting new ones, or what? Our code gets global change once a month, so all previous cache becomes invalid. How to deal with that?
Piyoosh Mukhija
The site for stashed.io has been down for a while now. Isn't it discontinued?
Justin Randall
Google has sniped the runtime environments. They are being updated.
Justin Randall
Should be back to normal. Many supporting cloud services by Google were removed and had to be re-written from scratch. Ahead of the migration, the old services still seemed to work just fine in the google cloud test environments. When the migrated code was deployed in production, the runtime blew up on the launch pad (still built and deployed correctly).
Alan Wolfe
What is the "key" to the cache for stashed.io? I'm considering renaming a folder but it isn't worth it if it will effectively clear my cache for that folder.
Justin Randall
It is a user folder determined by the OS for the service using a Windows-specific UUID. Unless you are digging into ProgramData for the service user, it is unlikely you will nuke the cache inadvertantly.
Alan Wolfe
Heya Justin. What i mean is let's say i have built a project that lives in c:\foo. Now i rename foo to bar, so now it's c:\bar. When i build that project, will it be able to make use of the cache from when it was c:\foo\ or will stashed.io not be able to make that connection, so essentially has an empty cache for the project.
If the cache is based on a file content's hash, it would find it. If it's based on file path and timestamp, it would not find it.
Adam Moss
Is the github issues list the wrong place to report issues? It's looking a bit... ignored.