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    Umed Khudoiberdiev
    if its not a chat but an issue then always post it on github
    btw guys who still don’t know this is very old typeorm channel
    new one is here

    getting error as follow while writing many to many relationship in typeORM

    ERROR in Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'kind' of undefined

    Nikolay Osaulenko

    @pleerock Is there any way to pass additional parameters for Postgres connection? I need to set statement_timeout which is supported by node-postgres https://node-postgres.com/api/client I'm trying to set in in extra object but with no luck

    extra: {
        statement_timeout: 1 // Test

    And then await connection.entityManager.query('SHOW statement_timeout') shows me [ anonymous { statement_timeout: '0' } ] which is default value

    Brazen Intellect
    Hello all, I was trying to connect to mssql via msnodesqlv8 instead of tedious so that I can use integrated windows authentication
    but I am lost trying to specify msnodesqlv8 as the driver for typeorm
    My connection option currently looks like following
    type: "mssql",
    host: "localhost",
    port: 63667,
    database: "NodeTypeOrm",
    extra: {
    driver: 'msnodesqlv8',
    trustedConnection: true
    options: {
    useUTC: true,
    @pleerock could it be an issue with extra param ?
    Hi All. Big fan of typeorm. I was just reading the docs around logging and wanted to know what's the easiest way to log to both console AND to a file? Out of the box it seems like just one or other, but is there a quick way to use both of the built in loggers through a custom logger?
    Umed Khudoiberdiev
    @HipsterZipster no, there is not. U can implement your own logger and delegate calls to both loggers as easiest way to achieve it
    btw its an old channel, please use a new one
    Kyle Galvin
    Has anyone had success integrating odata filter queries with typeorm? The closest I've found is an openql integration plugin, but I'm partial to odata
    iyatomi takehiro

    hi, thanks for creating TypeORM, it saves my life a lot. I try to build my own package with following instruction at https://github.com/typeorm/typeorm/blob/master/DEVELOPER.md

    but following error happens. I use gulp 3.9.1, node 10.8.0, npm 6.3.0 any ideas?

    $ npm run package
    > typeorm@0.2.7 package /Users/iyatomi/Documents/umegaya/typeorm
    > gulp package
    [10:17:29] Requiring external module ts-node/register
    [10:17:30] Using gulpfile ~/Documents/umegaya/typeorm/gulpfile.ts
    [10:17:30] Task 'package' is not in your gulpfile
    [10:17:30] Please check the documentation for proper gulpfile formatting
    Mohit Srivastava
    I am using the typeORM as it supports ValueTransformer
    Though when I use the custom type (in this case Long) in the where clause, the sql query looks like this
    query: SELECT LongType.longValues AS LongType_longValues, LongType.longValue AS LongType_longValue, LongType.id AS LongType_id FROM long_type LongType WHERE LongType.longValue = ? -- PARAMETERS: ["[object Object]"]
    Any idea how to make sure that for custom type the parameters gets converted properly?
    Umed Khudoiberdiev
    I have an issue with records mysteriously being deleted. No one in my code do i delete rows from this table. I only call save() to create/update. Is it possible that typeorm may have a case that would cause a record to be deleted on save()? Using typeorm 0.2.7
    is anyone here