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Jan 2015
Lucas Bradstreet
Jan 26 2015 05:49
Looks like we can move the index.html back into resources with the latest clojurescript version
and change to dev cljsbuild profile
:compiler {:main
                                                     :asset-path "/js/out"
                                                     :optimizations :none
:pretty-print true}
Arne Brasseur
Jan 26 2015 19:44
FYI most of my efforts for Chestnut are currently aimed towards getting automated tests
this will make it much easier to get releases out. at the moment I'm extremely conservative with pushing a new "stable" version because it requires a lot of manual testing
to test the whole thing requires controlling a "lein repl" subprocess plus a browser through selenium/webdriver, so it's far from trivial, but I've been making progress prototyping
Unfortunately java's ProcessBuilder is not suitable (it buffers all IO and doesn't allow for non-blocking operations on the in/out channels), so instead I'll have to use jnr-posix and jnr-pocess, which is stuff the JRuby built to get around these limitations
but these jnr libs are still a work in progress as well, so there's a bit of yak shaving on that side
so you might not see much news from me regarding Chestnut for a while, but once this is through it should make future development a whole lot simpler