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Anna Pawlicka
it's just a version change
yeah, i pulled before i did anything
Arne Brasseur
Anna Pawlicka
i'm on "2face77 Upgrade cljs, compojure and om. (origin/master, origin/HEAD, master)"
so up to date
that's the last commit before mine
Arne Brasseur
check where you're pulling from ;)
Anna Pawlicka
i pushed it to my fork by accident. will fix it in a moment
Arne Brasseur
great! we'll merge it as soon as 0.7.0 is released, then cut a 0.7.x branch for bugfixes
and get on with 0.8.x stuff on master
might be cool to more or less lock chestnut version to om versions
Anna Pawlicka
and to clojurescript probably since it's changing as rapidly?
Arne Brasseur
yeah, that too. what I meant was that chestnut 0.7.x has om 0.7.x etc
Anna Pawlicka
that makes sense. easier to track
Jordan Arentsen
what's the newest version of om I can run with chestnut? is it 0.7.3?
Clay Bridges

Q: The Figwheel output is cluttering up my REPL, can I get rid of it?
A: Not as such, but instead of calling (run), you can call (run-web-server) and (run-auto-reload) in separate repls.

This isn't working for me. I start with:

$ lein new chestnut <name>

$ cd <name>; lein repl
code completion...
chestnut-proj-2015.server=> (run
run         run-jetty
Arne Brasseur
not sure if this is already in Chestnut stable (0.7.0). Try using the --snapshot version
Clay Bridges
lein new chestnut blah --snapshot to those playing the home game
@blissdev the --snapshot version is using om 0.8.x
Nate Wildermuth
I'm very new to Clojure, but love this project. I've got everything installed correctly, but am having trouble getting sourcemaps to load. Is this a problem anyone else is encountering?
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
Nate Wildermuth
Nate Wildermuth
When I add :optimizations :none to /env/dev/clj/.../dev.clj's build configuration, sourcemaps then work.
Randy Terbush
any plans to cut another snapshot? some things in master that look like they might be relevant to some issues I am having
Casper Clausen
So I am getting a fairly old version of clojurescript with chestnut. Is it the newest version of the template I am getting? I get [org.clojure/clojurescript "0.0-2511" :scope "provided"]
Adrian Gruntkowski
@casperc I have checked out current snapshot from github, installed it locally with "mvn install" and created new project(s) using this template with "lein new chestnut [name] --snapshot ; it's working good for me so far, didn't hit any (bigger) problems
David Adair
Hi there, I just downloaded chestnut, did (run) and (browser-repl), and when I change it from "Hello Chestnut" to "Hello World" figwheel updates (based on the flash), but the text on the page does not change until I manually refresh
Adrian Gruntkowski
@adairdavid change defonce to def
David Adair
@zoldar thanks!!
sorry, new to clojure[script] too >.<
Adrian Gruntkowski
@adairdavid no worries. have fun
Rocky Assad
So, after typing (run) in the repl I receive the error: "CompilerException java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: run in this context, compiling:(/private/var/folders/2q/16rbh3hj5f78nrwswpr7_hvc0000gn/T/form-init4235638885892343340.clj:1:1)"
anyone running into this?
Rocky Assad
nvm, I re-ran it and it's working
Matthew Lyon
new chestnut project, and I'm getting this error on (run)
my-app.server=> (run)
Figwheel: Starting server at http://localhost:3449
Starting web server on port 10555.#<clojure.lang.AFunction$1@5fa563d3>
my-app.server=> Compiling "resources/public/js/app.js" from ["env/dev/cljs" "src/cljs"]...
Compiling "resources/public/js/app.js" failed.
clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: failed compiling file:env/dev/cljs/my_app/main.cljs
 at clojure.core$ex_info.invoke (core.clj:4403)
    cljs.compiler$compile_file$fn__3771.invoke (compiler.clj:1130)
    cljs.compiler$compile_file.invoke (compiler.clj:1101)
    cljs.compiler$compile_root.invoke (compiler.clj:1160)
    cljs.closure$compile_dir.invoke (closure.clj:357)
    cljs.closure$eval4137$fn__4138.invoke (closure.clj:397)
    cljs.closure$eval4073$fn__4074$G__4064__4081.invoke (closure.clj:305)
    cljs.closure$eval4124$fn__4125.invoke (closure.clj:411)
    cljs.closure$eval4073$fn__4074$G__4064__4081.invoke (closure.clj:305)
    clojurescript_build.core.CompilableSourcePaths/fn (core.clj:18)
    clojure.core$map$fn__4245.invoke (core.clj:2557)
    clojure.lang.LazySeq.sval (LazySeq.java:40)
    clojure.lang.LazySeq.seq (LazySeq.java:49)
    clojure.lang.RT.seq (RT.java:484)
    clojure.core$seq.invoke (core.clj:133)
    clojure.core$apply.invoke (core.clj:624)
    clojure.core$mapcat.doInvoke (core.clj:2586)
    clojure.lang.RestFn.invoke (RestFn.java:423)
    clojurescript_build.core.CompilableSourcePaths._compile (core.clj:18)
    cljs.closure$build.invoke (closure.clj:1393)
    clojurescript_build.core$build_source_paths_STAR_.invoke (core.clj:150)
    figwheel_sidecar.auto_builder$default_build_options$fn__14839.invoke (auto_builder.clj:66)
    figwheel_sidecar.auto_builder$warning$fn__14836.invoke (auto_builder.clj:61)
    clojurescript_build.auto$time_build$fn__14649.invoke (auto.clj:55)
    clojurescript_build.auto$after$fn__14655.invoke (auto.clj:64)
    clojurescript_build.auto$after$fn__14655.invoke (auto.clj:64)
    clojurescript_build.auto$after$fn__14655.invoke (auto.clj:64)
    clojurescript_build.auto$error$fn__14658.invoke (auto.clj:71)
    clojurescript_build.auto$before$fn__14652.invoke (auto.clj:60)
    clojurescript_build.auto$make_conditional_builder$fn__14670.invoke (auto.clj:103)
Petter Eriksson

Got exceptions when trying to create a new chestnut project:

petterik:clojure/ $ lein new chestnut my-project
Retrieving chestnut/lein-template/0.8.0/lein-template-0.8.0.pom from clojars
Retrieving org/clojure/core.async/0.1.346.0-17112a-alpha/core.async-0.1.346.0-17112a-alpha.pom from central
Retrieving org/clojure/tools.analyzer.jvm/0.1.0-beta12/tools.analyzer.jvm-0.1.0-beta12.pom from central
Retrieving org/clojure/tools.analyzer/0.1.0-beta12/tools.analyzer-0.1.0-beta12.pom from central
Retrieving org/clojure/core.memoize/0.5.6/core.memoize-0.5.6.pom from central
Retrieving org/clojure/core.cache/0.6.3/core.cache-0.6.3.pom from central
Retrieving org/clojure/data.priority-map/0.0.2/data.priority-map-0.0.2.pom from central
Retrieving org/ow2/asm/asm-all/4.1/asm-all-4.1.pom from central
Retrieving org/clojure/core.memoize/0.5.6/core.memoize-0.5.6.jar from central
Retrieving org/clojure/tools.analyzer/0.1.0-beta12/tools.analyzer-0.1.0-beta12.jar from central
Retrieving org/clojure/core.async/0.1.346.0-17112a-alpha/core.async-0.1.346.0-17112a-alpha.jar from central
Retrieving org/clojure/tools.analyzer.jvm/0.1.0-beta12/tools.analyzer.jvm-0.1.0-beta12.jar from central
Retrieving org/clojure/data.priority-map/0.0.2/data.priority-map-0.0.2.jar from central
Retrieving org/clojure/core.cache/0.6.3/core.cache-0.6.3.jar from central
Retrieving org/ow2/asm/asm-all/4.1/asm-all-4.1.jar from central
Retrieving chestnut/lein-template/0.8.0/lein-template-0.8.0.jar from clojarsException in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
    at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
    at clojure.main.main(main.java:37)
Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: Could not locate clojure/data/priority_map__init.class or clojure/data/priority_map.clj on classpath: , compiling:(clojure/core/cache.clj:1:1)
    at clojure.lang.Compiler.load(Compiler.java:7142)
    ... 101 more
Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: Could not locate clojure/data/priority_map__init.class or clojure/data/priority_map.clj on classpath:
    at clojure.lang.RT.load(RT.java:443)

Does anyone know what's up?

Stephen Lester
@petterik Looks like this issue? plexus/chestnut#119
Penn Su
Jason Jackson
Hi :open-file-command does not seem to work