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David Adair
sorry, new to clojure[script] too >.<
Adrian Gruntkowski
@adairdavid no worries. have fun
Rocky Assad
So, after typing (run) in the repl I receive the error: "CompilerException java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: run in this context, compiling:(/private/var/folders/2q/16rbh3hj5f78nrwswpr7_hvc0000gn/T/form-init4235638885892343340.clj:1:1)"
anyone running into this?
Rocky Assad
nvm, I re-ran it and it's working
Matthew Lyon
new chestnut project, and I'm getting this error on (run)
my-app.server=> (run)
Figwheel: Starting server at http://localhost:3449
Starting web server on port 10555.#<clojure.lang.AFunction$1@5fa563d3>
my-app.server=> Compiling "resources/public/js/app.js" from ["env/dev/cljs" "src/cljs"]...
Compiling "resources/public/js/app.js" failed.
clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: failed compiling file:env/dev/cljs/my_app/main.cljs
 at clojure.core$ex_info.invoke (core.clj:4403)
    cljs.compiler$compile_file$fn__3771.invoke (compiler.clj:1130)
    cljs.compiler$compile_file.invoke (compiler.clj:1101)
    cljs.compiler$compile_root.invoke (compiler.clj:1160)
    cljs.closure$compile_dir.invoke (closure.clj:357)
    cljs.closure$eval4137$fn__4138.invoke (closure.clj:397)
    cljs.closure$eval4073$fn__4074$G__4064__4081.invoke (closure.clj:305)
    cljs.closure$eval4124$fn__4125.invoke (closure.clj:411)
    cljs.closure$eval4073$fn__4074$G__4064__4081.invoke (closure.clj:305)
    clojurescript_build.core.CompilableSourcePaths/fn (core.clj:18)
    clojure.core$map$fn__4245.invoke (core.clj:2557)
    clojure.lang.LazySeq.sval (LazySeq.java:40)
    clojure.lang.LazySeq.seq (LazySeq.java:49)
    clojure.lang.RT.seq (RT.java:484)
    clojure.core$seq.invoke (core.clj:133)
    clojure.core$apply.invoke (core.clj:624)
    clojure.core$mapcat.doInvoke (core.clj:2586)
    clojure.lang.RestFn.invoke (RestFn.java:423)
    clojurescript_build.core.CompilableSourcePaths._compile (core.clj:18)
    cljs.closure$build.invoke (closure.clj:1393)
    clojurescript_build.core$build_source_paths_STAR_.invoke (core.clj:150)
    figwheel_sidecar.auto_builder$default_build_options$fn__14839.invoke (auto_builder.clj:66)
    figwheel_sidecar.auto_builder$warning$fn__14836.invoke (auto_builder.clj:61)
    clojurescript_build.auto$time_build$fn__14649.invoke (auto.clj:55)
    clojurescript_build.auto$after$fn__14655.invoke (auto.clj:64)
    clojurescript_build.auto$after$fn__14655.invoke (auto.clj:64)
    clojurescript_build.auto$after$fn__14655.invoke (auto.clj:64)
    clojurescript_build.auto$error$fn__14658.invoke (auto.clj:71)
    clojurescript_build.auto$before$fn__14652.invoke (auto.clj:60)
    clojurescript_build.auto$make_conditional_builder$fn__14670.invoke (auto.clj:103)
Petter Eriksson

Got exceptions when trying to create a new chestnut project:

petterik:clojure/ $ lein new chestnut my-project
Retrieving chestnut/lein-template/0.8.0/lein-template-0.8.0.pom from clojars
Retrieving org/clojure/core.async/0.1.346.0-17112a-alpha/core.async-0.1.346.0-17112a-alpha.pom from central
Retrieving org/clojure/tools.analyzer.jvm/0.1.0-beta12/tools.analyzer.jvm-0.1.0-beta12.pom from central
Retrieving org/clojure/tools.analyzer/0.1.0-beta12/tools.analyzer-0.1.0-beta12.pom from central
Retrieving org/clojure/core.memoize/0.5.6/core.memoize-0.5.6.pom from central
Retrieving org/clojure/core.cache/0.6.3/core.cache-0.6.3.pom from central
Retrieving org/clojure/data.priority-map/0.0.2/data.priority-map-0.0.2.pom from central
Retrieving org/ow2/asm/asm-all/4.1/asm-all-4.1.pom from central
Retrieving org/clojure/core.memoize/0.5.6/core.memoize-0.5.6.jar from central
Retrieving org/clojure/tools.analyzer/0.1.0-beta12/tools.analyzer-0.1.0-beta12.jar from central
Retrieving org/clojure/core.async/0.1.346.0-17112a-alpha/core.async-0.1.346.0-17112a-alpha.jar from central
Retrieving org/clojure/tools.analyzer.jvm/0.1.0-beta12/tools.analyzer.jvm-0.1.0-beta12.jar from central
Retrieving org/clojure/data.priority-map/0.0.2/data.priority-map-0.0.2.jar from central
Retrieving org/clojure/core.cache/0.6.3/core.cache-0.6.3.jar from central
Retrieving org/ow2/asm/asm-all/4.1/asm-all-4.1.jar from central
Retrieving chestnut/lein-template/0.8.0/lein-template-0.8.0.jar from clojarsException in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
    at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
    at clojure.main.main(main.java:37)
Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: Could not locate clojure/data/priority_map__init.class or clojure/data/priority_map.clj on classpath: , compiling:(clojure/core/cache.clj:1:1)
    at clojure.lang.Compiler.load(Compiler.java:7142)
    ... 101 more
Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: Could not locate clojure/data/priority_map__init.class or clojure/data/priority_map.clj on classpath:
    at clojure.lang.RT.load(RT.java:443)

Does anyone know what's up?

Stephen Lester
@petterik Looks like this issue? plexus/chestnut#119
Penn Su
Jason Jackson
Hi :open-file-command does not seem to work
the heads up display isn't clickable
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'figwheelEvent' of undefined
Jason Jackson
figured it out
Jocélio Lima
Hello, can someone help me with clojure packages instaling?
Chris Etheridge
Hi all. Does Chestnut have support for Rum?
Chris Etheridge
Oh nvm, I see it’s pretty easy to just swap in Rum in place of Om / Reagent :)
john ervine
Hello folks, when i try the following command lein new chestnut chestnutdemo --http-kit --sass --reagent --vanilla
the template is still created with OM and all the default configuration
there is no http-kit, sass etc etc. Am I issuing the commands incorrectly?
I created an issue plexus/chestnut#171
john ervine
Apologies, i obviously didn't read the docs correctly. The following command works lein new chestnut chestnutdemo -- --http-kit --sass --reagent --vanilla
Just curious, have you ever thought about adding a twitter bootstrap option?
Arne Brasseur
haven't been here in a while it seems :) hi all!
Reily Siegel
I have an issue when trying to run "lein new chestnut test". I get an error Could not transfer artifact com.github.plexus:clj-jgit:pom:v0.8.9-preview from/to jitpack (https://jitpack.io): java.security.ProviderException: java.security.In
validKeyException: EC parameters error
Arne Brasseur
@ReilySiegel interesting. Seems your Java doesn't like the jitpack maven repository. Might have to do with SSL certificates. Which OS and version of Java are you on?
java -version
Reily Siegel
Thank you for the help, I fixed this by upgrading java.
Reily Siegel
OK, so now I have a new issue. I am getting an error ReferenceError: chestnut is not defined in the browser.
Arne Brasseur
can you share your app somewhere? the name chestnut shouldn't be in any of the generated code
Reily Siegel
This is a freshly generated project.
Arne Brasseur
Then you need to tell me which flags you used to generate it.
Brian Marco
Hi all. What is the general workflow people use when you want features from a more recent version of chestnut pushed into an existing project? Do you generate a clean project and copy your existing files or just do your best to copy the newer chestnut config into your project? Something better?
Arne Brasseur
Hi @bamarco , I would generate a new project and compare with that. What you could also do is diff it with the first commit of your project. If your project is generated with a recent enough chestnut then that first commit will contain only the stuff that Chestnut generated, and you can compare it with the new version.
Brian Marco
@plexus Thanks. Diff is a good idea.