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Repo info
    Marko Kreen
    Arthur Turrini
    Marko Kreen

    I have a question.

    1. I've installed "plproxy-2.6.tar.gz" (according to the docs README.md)
    2. The "make installcheck" command raises the following error:

    test plproxy_init ... ok
    test plproxy_test ... ok
    test plproxy_select ... ok
    test plproxy_many ... ok
    test plproxy_errors ... ok
    test plproxy_clustermap ... ok
    test plproxy_dynamic_record ... ok
    test plproxy_encoding ... FAILED (test process exited with exit code 2)
    test plproxy_split ... ok
    test plproxy_target ... ok
    test plproxy_alter ... ok
    test plproxy_cancel ... ok
    test plproxy_sqlmed ... ok
    test plproxy_table ... ok
    test plproxy_range ... ok


    1 of 15 tests failed.

    How can I fix this error (test plproxy_encoding ... FAILED)?

    Marko Kreen
    It's probably db cluster that was created non-C/utf8 charset. Creating new cluster with LANG=C might help. But if other tests passed then its problably not a problem.
    Btw, PL/Proxy 2.7 is out, with fixes to support postgres 9.6. Sorry for long delay on that...
    Tried plproxy-2.7 with postgresql 9.6 on Ubuntu 14.04 as well as on opensuse 13.1. All tests failed. What environment are you using?
    Got it. The problem is even though the psql was asking for the password, the tests were requiring trust permissions. Everything works.
    Cory Zue
    has anyone ever had to move shards from one database to another? just wondering if anyone has any high-level advice on how best to approach this problem. am currently thinking of replicating the entire shard db, then flipping the config, then cleaning the irrelevant shards from both dbs. but obviously lots of details to iron out in that approach
    hi all
    there is a performance difference between run on args and run on func()
    any reason why ??
    the same input for plproxy function
    @czue did you find any solution for your problem ??
    Cory Zue
    nope, don't think this chat is active
    ok thanks,
    Christoph Berg
    Hi, there are several plproxy pull requests pending. Would you consider adding me (df7cb) to the github project so I could do some maintenance work? The Debian package would thank you.