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Martin Hombach
Hey there :) Just started using PNPM. Is there any way to have my angular cli configured in a way, that i automatically uses PNPM and not NPM? When i run "ng new" to create a new project, angular will still use npm for installing the node_modules i guess and i don't want to always delete the installed modules and then use pnpm again because that is just so much work for every project :/
Hi, I want to save nested dependencies of external packages in my project level node_modules. I am working in a monorepo

TL;DR: How to install transitive dependecies with pnpm?

When my project lists an npm package as dependency, npm install will perform installation of both my direct dependencies and "direct dependencies of my direct dependencies" and it goes recursively.

However, when I try to replace npm with pnpm and give command "pnpm install", it only downloads and installs only direct dependencies. pnpm seems not caring about transitive dependencies.

What point am I missing?

Aaron Reisman
Hi folks, I seem to be running into issues when adding pnpm -C workspace-folder build into another script in package.json, anyone know why? the logs seem to duplicate themselves when running pnpm build which points to -> pnpm -C workspace-folder build
Vaughan Rouesnel
Aaron Reisman
Thanks @vjpr
John Winston
Hi I have just pnpm install prettier -g, but when I try to run the command, it gives me this:
  throw err;

Error: Cannot find module '/Users/hugosum/pnpm-global/5/node_modules/prettier/bin-prettier.js'
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:941:15)
    at Function.Module._load (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:774:27)
    at Function.executeUserEntryPoint [as runMain] (node:internal/modules/run_main:76:12)
    at node:internal/main/run_main_module:17:47 {
  requireStack: []
how can I fix this? the result of which prettier is /usr/local/bin/prettier
Vaughan Rouesnel
John Winston
hi,I was looking through the documentation and found two commands exec and dlx that are similar to npx, but which one should I use, or how are they different? I'm very curious
Josiah Haswell
hey folks--I'm setting up a monorepo of widgets with a very common structure, and I'd like to reuse gulp commands across the board. Can I use a gulpfile in the root (workspace) directory and run it for all of the packages?
Kashyap Patel
Hello all, Can someone please help me understand why pnpm installs four directories of a same package when I have pnpmOveride set for a package. For example I have this in the root package.json "pnpm": {
"overrides": {
"theme-provider": "3.2.4"
This is what I see in the node_modules.
Deleted node_modules and pnpm-lock files many times before fresh install.
Sam Jones
feel like I'm missing something really dumb here, switching from yarn 1 to pnpm 6.x
two packages side by side kind of deep in a workspace, Package A has a bunch of webpack config stuff, and package B is basically just a TypeScript compile.
However, package B tsc fails on a PILE of webpack related dependencies from Package A.
Eugene Krayni
does pnpm support nested workspaces like yarn? I have a number of monorepos i'd like to consolidate into one. Can I nest them or would I have to flatten them, i.e. bring all packages up to the top level?
Eugene Krayni
i guess this place is dead
1 reply
@eakray Yes, it is dead here for quite sometime. Hop over to Discord, it is quite active there!
Sam Blowes

Hi All, Im having issues with pnpm link not working

pnpm unlink
cd package dir
pnpm link --global
cd project dir
pnpm link --global @the.package/name
pnpm i 
 > @the.package/name is not in the npm registry, or you have no permission to fetch it.

Is anyone able to see what im doing wrong?

Azeem Haider

I'm trying to use pnpm in my Dockerfile I have one dependency which is installed from GitHub, Problem with pnpm is it is not able to access the yarn package, I think some kind of permission problem.

The command '/bin/sh -c pnpm install' returned a non-zero code: 1

Here is my Dockerfile

FROM node:alpine

RUN npm install -g pnpm


COPY ["package.json", "pnpm-lock.yaml", "./"]

RUN pnpm install

COPY . .

RUN pnpm build



CMD [ "node", "./build/index.js" ]
Azeem Haider

Complete error

ERR_PNPM_PREPARE_PKG_FAILURE  Command failed with exit code 1: /usr/local/bin/yarn install

npm i -D test@"^3.0.0" is "test": "^3.0.1"
pnpm i -D test@"^3.0.0" is "test": "3.0.0",
is bug?
pnpm i -D test@"~3.0.0" is "test": "~3.0.0",

Hello 👋 . I am using nrwl/nx monorepo with pnpm. During pnpm install I am getting error EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, read and I have no clue what could be an issue. Is there a way to get the stack trace to debug this issue and fix it. Btw, Has anyone seen this error before and fixed it.

Mac OS
❯ node -v
❯ pnpm -v

Anyone have any familiarity with node-gyp in alpine containers? When running 7.14.0 I get this when attempting to install libpq: libpq@1.8.12/node_modules/libpq install: sh: node-gyp: not found and when running pnpm 6.11.0 I get libpq@1.8.12/node_modules/libpq install: sh: node-gyp: Permission denied
Fernando López Guevara
morning, I'm trying to run pnpm i and I'm getting this error message ERR_SOCKET_TIMEOUT, does anyone know if the npmjs registry is having issues?
1 reply
Robbie Plankenhorn
For a pnpm workspace, is there a lifecycle script that runs at the root level after the workspace packages? I'm trying to use postinstall but the root workspace postinstall runs before the nested packages.
qannouf oualid
Hello, please can anybody give me the equivalent of this yarn command in pnpm :pray:, i'm migrating from yarn to pnpm and this command is used to deploy a snapshot version without git tag
pnpm publish --no-git-tag-version dist/my-library --non-interactive --new-version=9.5.1-oualid-TEMP-SNAPSHOT --registry=https://nexus.zac.my-npm-snapshots/