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    test: fix 'pnpm root' (compare)

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    zkochan milestoned #2710
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    zkochan commented #2710
  • Aug 07 19:40
    zkochan commented #2685
Vaughan Rouesnel
is the pnpm multi|recursive actually needed anymore?
2 replies
Josiah Grace
Is there a way to get a log of missing peer dependencies on a per-package basis? We're migrating a large monorepo with a fairly large number of peer dependency issues incrementally, and having aa hard time getting a report of all the issues.
npm ls does it, but not sure about compatibilities across the different tools
3 replies
Jonathan Morley
@zkochan i have a requirement to run scripts in reverse topological sorted order. Would you know if this is hackable with pnpm? Or even better, if you would be open to supporting this as an option?
7 replies
Vaughan Rouesnel
@zkochan Can’t seem to find 5.2.0 on npm
ah its under next
Jonathan Morley
@zkochan i am facing what i think is a v5 regression caused by pnpm/pnpm@4063f1b. Basically, we have about 10 packages in a monorepo, and some of them have workspace:* dependencies between packages. For reasons related to npm tags, i am not able to use pnpm -r publish (separate issue), but i use pnpm -r exec pnpm publish instead. I am seeing cases where the first publish will succeed, but subsequent publishes fail due to a dirty git repo. On investigation, the change is around swapping the workspace:* out for a concrete version
25 replies
Zoltan Kochan
How to call a monorepo that contains rarely changed packages of pnpm?
Matthew Pirocchi

Hi, is publishing from a detached HEAD a supported scenario? My CodeBuild CI builds recently started failing:

* EXECUTING: /codebuild/output/src336551761/src/***/config/common/temp/pnpm-local/node_modules/.bin/pnpm publish (packages/api-extractor-config)
ERROR· Command failed with exit code 128: git symbolic-ref --short HEAD
fatal: ref HEAD is not a symbolic ref
at makeError                  ../../../../../../../../../root/.rush/node-v12.16.1/pnpm-5.2.2/node_modules/pnpm/lib/node_modules/execa/lib/error.js:59                                 error = new Error(messag…
at handlePromise              ../../../../../../../../../root/.rush/node-v12.16.1/pnpm-5.2.2/node_modules/pnpm/lib/node_modules/execa/index.js:114                                    const returnedError = ma…
at processTicksAndRejections  internal/process/task_queues.js:97                                                                                                                                               
at getCurrentBranch           ../../../../../../../../../root/.rush/node-v12.16.1/pnpm-5.2.2/node_modules/pnpm/lib/node_modules/@pnpm/plugin-commands-publishing/lib/gitChecks.js:17  const { stdout } = await…
at handler [as publish]       ../../../../../../../../../root/.rush/node-v12.16.1/pnpm-5.2.2/node_modules/pnpm/lib/node_modules/@pnpm/plugin-commands-publishing/lib/publish.js:89    if (await…

ERROR: The command failed with exit code 1

The only change that I made since the last successful publish (around 2 months ago) was to update pnpm from 4.9.3 to 5.2.2. So I think either:

  1. CodeBuild's behavior recently changed to run in detached HEAD mode; or
  2. PNPM added a call to git symbolic-ref HEAD between 4.9.3 and 5.2.2
Matthew Pirocchi
Nevermind, these release notes answered my question
13 replies
Zoltan Kochan

@/all I know there some issues with pnpm i -g on some setups. I have worked on a fix and it would be great to gather some feedback. The PR is here: pnpm/pnpm#2637

It also is published under the dev dist-tags, so you may install it via npm i -g pnpm@dev (hopefully it solves the issues with pnpm i -g pnpm as well)

Hey, has anyone had issues using pnpm and React? React hooks only works if there is only one version of react+react-dom loaded, and my project is failing to build as react reports two separate instances. I guess that is because of how pnpm links everything, I don't really know. It works with fine with npm. I know this is a bit abstract, but maybe someone already had similar issues?
33 replies
D. Kanter
Hey All, I'm wondering if there's any way to remove or relocate the .pnpm-store folder located in C:\Users\MyUser\ to another folder, such as where I've actually installed pnpm (Windows 10 Pro). Thanks in advance for the support!
2 replies
@dkantereivin I thought pnpm worked on the same drive as you installed it? Or you want something else.. like the actual folder it is installed in which turns out to be C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Roaming\npm\pnpm in my case. Hmm.. don't know why you'd want that, a lot of other apps store configs and what not in the user folder..

I am getting a peer-dep warning with beta package installs:

 WARN  raw-loader@4.0.1 requires a peer of webpack@^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 but version 5.0.0-beta.18 was installed.
 WARN  webpack: terser-webpack-plugin@3.0.6 requires a peer of webpack@^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 but version 5.0.0-beta.18 was installed.

I wanted to check if this behaviour is expected or incorrect before I filed an issue????

1 reply

MysteriousWizard1943 > <> I am getting a warning which I think is incorrect:


It's not really incorrect lol

@matrixbot slip of! See the edited comment...
Steve Dalonzo
I would think it is expected
hello everyone, I have a quick question. I've recently started using rushstack + pnpm, and I've discovered an issue wherein rush does not expect the @ that's prepended to the URL for tarball npm packages by pnpm. So I first wanted to check why this is done before working on a change to rush to accept it.
  react-native: ''
lockfileVersion: 5.1
"dependencies": {
    "react-native": "",
  react-native: ''
while rush only expects values without the @ prefix
2 replies
Divyanshu Verma

i am trying solve a buggy package which uses https but does not list it in its depedencies
I used the readPackage and added the dependency:

case 'superagent':
      pkg.dependencies['https'] = '^1.0.0';

It is added in the pnpm-lock.yaml file in the dependencies, but i still get the error:
Error: Unable to resolve module https from ../../node_modules/_pnpm/superagent/3.8.3/node_modules/superagent/lib/node/index.js
can someone point me in the correct direction how to debug this? or am i missing something ?

2 replies
How to build react project after install ?
my builder is parcel and I tried with this command pnpm build
NODE_ENV=production parcel build public/index.html --no-source-maps
Screenshot 2020-07-09 at 7.13.55 PM.png
it's showing this error, and I removed package-lock.json file and node_modules/ directory and run pnpm install && pnpm build command again
Screenshot 2020-07-09 at 7.31.49 PM.png
it's showing this error now
How to solve this error ?
Juan Picado

I’m doing an experiment and perhaps you here I can get some light

  "name": "pnpm_test",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "description": "",
  "main": "index.js",
  "scripts": {
    "build": "babel --help",
    "test": "echo \"Error: no test specified\" && exit 1"
  "keywords": [],
  "author": "",
  "license": "ISC",
  "devDependencies": {
    "@verdaccio/babel-preset": "^9.7.1",
    "typescript": "^3.9.6"

my dependency @verdaccio/babel-preset has babel as dependency but I don’t see it on my .bin folder, but I see Typescript for instance. Does anyone knows why?

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 5.45.49 PM.png
I can se babel few levels down … but I don’t manage to access to it with the pnpm command.
➜ pnpm run build

> pnpm_test@1.0.0 build /Users/jpicado/WebstormProjects/pnpm_test
> babel --help

sh: babel: command not found
 ERROR  Command failed.
6 replies
Zoltan Kochan
We will probably be switching to a Discord platform because Gitter has many issues 😕
I created this room:
what kind of issues?
5 replies
Jacky Efendi
Hi, guys. I have a question. I am currently moving to node 12 using nvm. I see that I need to install pnpm again for each version of node installed on my machine using nvm
When I install a package globally, pnpm install -g, it installs the package to a different pnpm-global directory, which is what I expect
But, when I install dependencies on my existing project, it reuses the modules in the existing .pnpm-store (which was populated when I was using node v10)
My question is, is this a safe behavior? Could I possibly face an issue with a project running on node 12 uses incompatible modules built for node 10? Or will the build step (postinstall, etc) be run everytime I run pnpm install so it doesn't really matter that it uses the same .pnpm-store?
9 replies
How to properly do npm install --save babel-runtime/core-js/object/keys with pnpm? It tries to look for a such path in the project directory rather than installing a submodule o_O
2 replies
Bruno Parga

Hey everyone! I'm running into an issue with pnpm and the vscode-eslint plugin. ESLint was supposed to run automatically, but when it tries to run I get this error:

(node:97815) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Command failed: pnpm root -g
 ERROR  No write access to the found global executable directories

    at checkExecSyncError (child_process.js:634:11)
    at Object.execSync (child_process.js:670:15)
    at Object.execSync (electron/js2c/asar.js:696:23)
    at Object.get (/home/bruno/.vscode-oss/extensions/dbaeumer.vscode-eslint-2.1.5/server/out/eslintServer.js:1:33524)

I suspect the error is on the plugin side, and I am also opening an issue there, but I thought of asking here as well due to VSCode's recent (v 1.47) addition of official support for pnpm. I actually use VSCodium, if that makes a difference.

Any ideas for how to make the extension and pnpm work together alright?

10 replies
Daniel A.C. Martin
Does anyone know if there is a way I can consume my pnpm-based monorepo without publishing? I had hoped to consume it via Git for a while until it was a little more stable. However, I realised that the workspace: references wouldn't resolve.
Zoltan Kochan
just release snapshot versions with changesets
the published packages will have versions like: 0.0.0-<hash>
anyone know how to use pnpm to install dependecies when i run pnpx eslint --init
Ryan Festag
Is anyone else having issues with pnpm and nextjs/react? Up until recently, I could easily use pnpm init next-app, blow away the node_modules directory and the package-lock.json, then re-install with pnpm, and everything would work. Now, when I do those same steps (or I even just try to install next from scratch in a clean directory), trying to run next dev causes the Error: Invalid hook call. Hooks can only be called inside of the body of a function component error. Using npm instead of pnpm works fine for the exact same code.
I'm totally new to pnpm and also not a expert regarding deployment so I was wondering, what is the best way to deploy a monorepo? My project right now is using yarn workspaces, one package has next.js, the other one is nodejs with graphql an other things, there's also packages for common things and they are all using typescript as well... Can anyone help me perhaps migrate to pnpm if it allows me handling the monorepo easier and deploying it? I would appreciate any advice, article or anything.