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    Hi, does POA support Plasma cash?
    I have metamask installed but when i go to https://wizard.poa.network/ , it gives me a blank page and sometime say metamask not installed ?
    what could be the issue
    What is the difference between using poa main network or ethereum main network.. Both needs eth for transactions.. So why different netwroks ?'
    any one ?
    I want to deploy a simple dapp and a crypto-token for it. So what gives me a reason to use poa network and not ethereum network? or a private network ?
    Is there anyone out here ??
    Andreas Fackler
    Hi @sahni619! POA is faster, cheaper and much more energy efficient than the mainnet. It doesn't use proof of work; instead, the people running the validator nodes are publicly known notaries.
    If you're still experiencing the metamask problem, please open an issue here and describe all the steps to reproduce it: https://github.com/poanetwork/token-wizard/issues
    Igor Barinov

    Thanks, Andreas!

    on August 27 2018:
    Moneywise: 1 ETH is $277 and 1 POA is $0.097
    Speedwise: Block time on ETH is ~15 sec , on POA ~5 sec

    Same EVM and Smart Contract possibilites

    thanks @afck I understand that.
    Now @igorbarinov moneywise 1 eth is 277$ and POA is . just .097$.. So just because of less block time one should adopt POA ?
    Andreas Fackler
    @sahni619: I think the gas price in the POA Network is currently 1 GWei (but in POA, not ETH!), and in Ethereum about 2 GWei (in ETH), so transactions and contracts are about 5700 times cheaper in POA. (Someone correct me if I'm misreading the numbers.)
    ok @afck just making my concepts clear about various networks and what to adopt
    Andreas Fackler
    Lev Dubinets
    I notice on blockscout github it says that support for ethereum mainnet and private ethereum chains is on the roadmap
    Is any of that stuff complete right now? Just wondering the status before I dive into trying to install it
    Also followup q - do the terraform templates launch a PoA node (or an ethereum node) as well as a node to host the explorer?
    Igor Barinov

    Hi Lev,
    The explorer is not released yet.
    Meanwhile, BlockScout can be used on PoW/PoA Networks supported by Parity client. For example, there are deployed versions for
    POA Sokol testnet https://sokol-alpha.poaexplorer.com/en
    POA Core https://core-alpha.poaexplorer.com/en
    ETH Kovan testnet https://kovan-alpha.poaexplorer.com/en/
    ETH Ropsten testnet https://ropsten-alpha.poaexplorer.com/en

    there is no deployed version for ETH mainnet yet

    https://github.com/poanetwork/blockscout-terraform doesn't launch trace/archive node. You should do it yourself. or use hosted solutions like http://genoda.io/
    Lev Dubinets
    ah ok. thanks for the clarification
    I have launched private network using poa-test-setup | How can I add more nodes to it?
    Are there any articles regarding private blockchain using POA platform or something similar?
    hey was wondering how I could get involved im a nodejs/ts/js/golang dev
    Hi Team
    Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 11.08.34 AM.png
    I want the above supply at .19$ .. How can I enter an integer here as it doesn't take decimals . So when I convert .19 $ to ether it comes out to be .0010 ether.. but it doesn't take that value. Kindly help
    I figured it out.. It should be 100000 with the current exchange rate. Plz correct me if I am wrong ?
    can any one please tell me how transaction fee is calculated on POA network?
    Schalk Dormehl
    Hey beautiful people
    I'd love to chat to someone regarding the block explorer BLockScout that you guys have built
    Is there any branch abi in which, I could decode function with two list or bytes?
    I tried https://github.com/poanetwork/ex_abi but there is a problem in function do_decode_raw
        <<_, _, _, _, data::bytes>> =
          [[1, 2, 3, 4], [4, 5, 6]]
          |> ABI.TypeEncoder.encode(%ABI.FunctionSelector{
            function: "baz",
            types: [{:array, {:uint, 32}}, {:array, {:uint, 32}}]
        |> ABI.TypeDecoder.decode(%ABI.FunctionSelector{
          function: "baz",
          types: [{:array, {:uint, 32}}, {:array, {:uint, 32}}]
    Arve Knudsen
    Trying to make a private POA Network blockchain - how should I create the initial chain in order to make the Master of Ceremony account so I can compile the PoaNetworkConsensus contract (according to https://github.com/poanetwork/poa-network-consensus-contracts#start-poa-network)?
    I’m new to working with Ethereum, but I’ve been able to make a private Parity Aura blockchain so far (comprised of two Docker containers)
    i don't see POA network among infura endpoints (https://infura.io/docs/gettingStarted/chooseaNetwork) or on their status page (https://status.infura.io/). does infura still support POA?
    Craig Williams
    Hey all, quick question...is it possible for a non validator to view the mempool / pending transactions in the POA network?
    Igor Markelov
    Hello all, do you know how to clean stuck with. low gas transaction in xDai chain?
    Adam Z. Nagy
    Hi all, I have a question about the POAValidatorSet contract. When a validator is added, but it is still pending (not finalized), why is it already considered a validator? The isValidator call on it returns true already if pending. For Kovan, the validator is only an isValidator if it is in the finalized validators list. What is the reason behind this?
    Igor Markelov
    Hi all. I have a question about bootnode. We are setting up the poa chain according to the master of ceremony wiki. We cannot find an entry about the enode in the logs. The build of the bootnode was successful and we tried to restart the network. Is there any other way to find out the enode in order to put it In bootnodes.txt?
    Thank you in advance!
    I am tyring to verify and publish a smart contract but it keeps asking me for the contract name. Where can I get that?
    Luke Duncan
    I've been following the guide here to bootstrap a POA sidechain, https://github.com/poanetwork/wiki/wiki/How-to-launch-POA-Network-bridged-to-stable-ERC20-coin
    and got the infrastructure deployed to azure, but seems that it deploys an "explorer" node, and also says to reserve one of the bootnodes for setting up blockscout (is this not what the explorer node is for?), also when reviewing the documentation for deploying/configuring blockscout in the blockscout repo it seems that the preferred cloud setup is AWS rather than azure.
    Right now, I'm thinking that I can probably follow the rest of the guide ignoring the steps about blockscout, then seperately follow the blockscout guide for aws and point it to my network. Then I can delete any remaining unused nodes that were deployed in the initial step if they are not being used?
    Additionally, it seems that the ansible configuration in https://github.com/poanetwork/deployment-terraform runs through the cermony process automatically, then the guide suggests deleting the chain data from all nodes and redoing the configuration. Im curious what the reasoning for this is, and if it is actually necessary for a test network?
    Christopher Maree
    hello! I would like to know how I can bridge some test eth across to sokol as test xDai so that I can generate more than 0.5 xDai at a time. I've looked for a bridge for this but am unable to get one that works. any input would be apreciated.
    Lior Rabin
    Hello, I have a question regarding the POA tokenbridge. In the CollectedSignature events processing the only one responsible is authorityResponsibleForRelay. But what happens if this specific validator is down forever?
    Marcos Martínez
    hi huys
    any channel for nifty wallet?