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Repo info
Hey everyone. Would anyone be interested in working on a hybrid mobile project? Full time gig. A friend of mine is looking for an experience mobile developer, this position is here in Houston. Relocation provide. I would be happy to connect you. Thanks all.
Zachary Mattor
Anyone around?
Matthew Hager
@AlexBlom: Not sure if your team can tackle, but I've just added you and @runspired as NPM collaborators. Would be legit if y'all could release a new NPM version.
Vas Kaloidis
Alex Blom
hey, ill take a look later today. weirdly, i also feel into the no gitter notifications trap :\
think its fixed now though
was wondering hwy everything was so quiet
Alex Blom
ok, so what i've done is merged the 2+ requirements and I will cut a version as 0.1.0, meaning the 0.0.x versions can still be incremented by those running e.g. on 1.13. i still maintain a lot of 1.13s personally and probably won't upgrade them until we've built platforms
Alex Blom
i've also taken the liberty of removing stale issues, ones that looked otherwise resolved and am just quickly merging a set of duplicates
Oscar Yañez
Oscar Yañez
guys do you have any suggestions on having splashscreens working on android? i installed the official cordova-plugin and added definitions to config.xml but i can get it done i guess im missing something
Vincent Lyons
@oyanezm I used a generator
I'm pretty sure it was this one
I think I remember I had to try a few
same with icons
Oscar Yañez
@lyonsv indeed that did it