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    Luke Nallen
    welcome to the Polymer room on Gitter
    Preston Holmes
    so paper-button seems to be incompatible with the styles it requires?
    "paper-button": "PolymerElements/paper-button#2.0-preview",
    "paper-styles": "PolymerElements/paper-styles#2.0-preview"
    the button uses: 12:<link rel="import" href="../../paper-styles/element-styles/paper-material.html">
    but the paper-styles only has
    so a rename from paper-material > paper-material-styles seems to just break things :(
    HI everyone - wondering if I can get some pointers to track down an issue I have with a polymer widget ?
    I'm having issues with paper-dropdown-box....
    lots of 404 errors in web-animations
    fundamentally - I get no dropdown values presented on screen
    Can anyone advise on how I can track down the root cause ?
    Hi, hope this is the correct room. I am using a jquery widget inside of my polymer app. The widget has a drag and drop feature where the object being dragged is styled with CSS and moves with the mouse cursor as it is dragged. It works great by itself but this "dragged" display does not show when in a custom component in my polymer app. I thikn this is a common issue type with the way that "overlays" are handled or something. Can someone help point me towards a primer on the issue. The widget I am using in my app is zTree http://www.treejs.cn/v3/demo.php#_301
    Sachin Mane
    Hello, I am here for some pointers on how to implement authentication google polymer based PWA