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Jan 2015
Marcus Kielly
Jan 04 2015 21:16
Hi pozadi - I've just started taking kefir for a spin, and I have a question about ending streams derived from DOM events
there appear to be a couple of methods of attaching event handlers (no $ for me) - K.fromBinder and K.fromEvent
How do I detach the event listener when using K.fromEvent? I've inspected the proto chain, and I've tried firing various "off" methods - but the stream still emits the events from the element
Marcus Kielly
Jan 04 2015 21:56
I've updated the gist - I was a) calling the wrong "off" and b) forgetting to pass the handler in
Roman Pominov
Jan 04 2015 22:25
Already answered in the issue, leave here the link in case anybody will wonder