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Feb 2015
Markus Padourek
Feb 18 2015 09:33
@pozadi Just getting started with reactive programming in Js and first of all thanks for the library.
I think it would be really useful (for people like me) to have a simple 'Getting Started' example, such as rxjs has
var source = Array.of(1,2,3,4,5);

  .map(function (x, i, a) { return x * x; })
  .filter(function (x, i, a) { return x % 3 === 0; })
  .forEach(function (x, i, a) {
    console.log('next', x);
I know it is just a small example but it gives me the feeling that a library is already much more 'understandable' if that makes sense.
Ulric Wilfred
Feb 18 2015 10:18
actually I’m starting to think that it would be also nice to be able to generate synchronous streams in Kefir as well (i.e. like in highland.js). on the other hand Kefir could grow in size then and all the point of it would be lost.
Roman Pominov
Feb 18 2015 10:36
I think @Globegitter doesn't suggesting that we should add support of synchronous streams, but only add some quick example to the docs, so users can quickly get a feeling what is it like to program with FRP in Kefir. And that example can be with asynchronous streams. Is that correct?
I was thinking of adding such example, thanks for reminder :)
Hope I'll find time to add it soon. Also PR are welcomed)
About adding support of synchronous streams, I don't feel like it a good idea. I think there is a lot of libs to deal with sync data structures out there (e.g. underscore etc.)
Ulric Wilfred
Feb 18 2015 12:02
yeah, actually I just was interested in your opinion on that. my case is a rare one, I suppose.
Markus Padourek
Feb 18 2015 14:25
@pozadi yep exactly I just meant an example - but good to know about the synchronous/asynchronous difference. Wasn’t aware off that until now - thanks.