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Feb 2015
Rodolfo Hansen
Feb 23 2015 17:22
@pozadi thats a pretty decent document!
Markus Padourek
Feb 23 2015 18:58
@pozadi thank you for the example, that genuinely helped me grasp a few things about Kefir more without having to spend some time testing around etc. :)
Though I have to admit, I am still struggling a bit if reactive (functional) programming is the right use-case for me
It does look neat in certain examples
Right now I considered it because I am doing quite a bit of data manipulation from a 3rd party API and thought just having things like pluck, flatten would help with that.
But also to be fair I am working on a tight schedule right now, so it is hard to actually play around with it a lot.
Juha Paananen
Feb 23 2015 19:44
The comparison doc is great!
Made some minor correction proposals as PR. Nice work on the different buffering method btw! I've not needed those so much personally so haven't put so much thought into that area.
All in all, the APIs are like 90% the same :)
Roman Pominov
Feb 23 2015 21:06
With buffering methods I was actually trying to do as less work as possible, so introduced .bufferWhile with hope that it will mostly cover functionality of .bufferWithTime, .bufferWithCount, and .bufferWithTimeOrCount.
Maybe I'll add those three later, but nobody asked for them so far :)
Juha Paananen
Feb 23 2015 21:22
That's a nice approach!