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Feb 2015
Juha Paananen
Feb 25 2015 08:01
My plan is to make Bacon.once and Bacon.fromArray asynchronous
So practically similar approach to yours: make it a bit harder to make synchronous streams.
Roman Pominov
Feb 25 2015 08:47
I see, it not easy to eliminate synchronous events completely, there will be a race condition in some cases, and also sometimes one need to rely on synchronous evaluation in the app code.
Juha Paananen
Feb 25 2015 10:20
Anyway I think it's better to make creation of sync streams a bit harder. The net is full of beginner questions related to unexpected behaviour with sync streams. The problem in Bacon.js is that I made the mistake to make them the easiest way to to create streams, using Bacon.once and Bacon.fromArray. I'm glad you've learned from my mistakes.