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Mar 2015
Jared Forsyth
Mar 19 2015 18:41
I now have rxvision setup running testcases from the Kefir docs :)
Ulric Wilfred
Mar 19 2015 18:44
it’s beautiful!!
Jared Forsyth
Mar 19 2015 18:45
:D I don't yet have "multiple sources" functions working yet, but will soon
Roman Pominov
Mar 19 2015 19:58
you are doing a great job @jaredly
also interesting to see how output from rxvision matches event diagrams from the docs.
looks like they are pretty much correct :)
Jared Forsyth
Mar 19 2015 20:36
@pozadi yup, except for places where deactivation prematurely ends an emitter
Sergey Lapin
Mar 19 2015 21:10
@jaredly great work!:)