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Apr 2015
Artem Kozlov
Apr 27 2015 06:56
@pozadi nice, especially I like ajax one.
Petr Myazin
Apr 27 2015 08:30
example idea: pricing appliction. Editable table: buttons add/remove row; editable columns (input elements): price, quantity, VAT % ; reactive calculated columns: "VAT Amount" = price quantity VAT% / 100, "Amount" = price * quantity + "VAT Amount"; total values under the table reactive calculated: "Total Amount incl. VAT" = sum(Amount), "Total VAT" = sum(VAT Amount)
very practical business related example!
Roman Pominov
Apr 27 2015 09:43
@pqr so basically similar to ToDoMVC? I was trying to create a ToDoMVC example, but seems like FRP as it is not good for this kind of stuff.
Basically when you want to actively change the DOM, and at same time have event sources it the DOM you changing, FRP don't work very well.
It is possible, but there is better to tools for that king of stuff (React).
Roman Pominov
Apr 27 2015 09:50
Also perhaps with some extension on top of FRP it could be simpler (