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May 2015
Roman Pominov
May 14 2015 09:08
with optimizations in 2.4.0 and 2.4.1 code like obs.flatMap(x => Kefir.constant(x + 1)) is only about 2x slower than => x + 1)
was ~20x slower :)
.flatMap everything FTW! :sparkles: :tada: :ok_hand:
Stephan Hoyer
May 14 2015 09:23
Sounds great… still haven’t had the time to integrate kefir into my project :(
Roman Pominov
May 14 2015 09:27
@StephanHoyer btw, you have been asking about Kefir.emitter, you can also use Kefir.pool instead of it: emitter.emit(x) -> pool.plug(Kefir.constant(x))
and the optimizations applied to .flatMap also spread to pool.plug(Kefir.constant(x)) case!
(.flatMap and .pool both use same AbstractPool under the hood)