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Jun 2015
Juha Paananen
Jun 03 2015 06:42
rpominov, have you considered adding a "tryMap" method that would catch exceptions and convert them to "error" events? I just got a PR for adding that to Bacon? Just checking if you already have a plan for this, or even have implemented it...
Roman Pominov
Jun 03 2015 08:42
@raimohanska I don't have any particular plans on this. Seems reasonable, but should we then add .tryFilter, .tryScan etc? Perhaps simply recommend to use .flatMap with a try..catch block?
Juha Paananen
Jun 03 2015 10:12
good point. I haven't heard of anyone actually needing tryFilter, tryScan etc though
the flatmap-try-catch has been the thing to do so far, and tryMap would be just a convenience method that does the same