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Jun 2015
Peter Saxton
Jun 25 2015 17:14
Hi All. I have been looking at this project for a while but not found the time to implement. It seams a useful tool but I don't know how to use it to structure medium to large app. Are they any good examples on how to structure a project using this. I am thinking of combining it with t3js any comments or pointers would be very welcome.
Ulric Wilfred
Jun 25 2015 20:28
Is there some function appeared to act like bufferWhileBy, but flush values not on the next update from source stream, but just immediately after the “flag” stream fired false? :)
Ulric Wilfred
Jun 25 2015 20:53
seems it’s like .holdWhen in Bacon

hmm, this doc tells it’s the same as bufferWhileBy, but following the description, they’re different:

stream.holdWhen(valve) pauses and buffers the event stream if last event in valve is truthy. All buffered events are released when valve becomes falsy.

Roman Pominov
Jun 25 2015 21:52
@shamansir Seems like bufferWhileBy is a bit broken indeed. Perhaps it's a good idea to create a github-issue on this.
Also try foo.bufferBy(foo.filterBy( => !x))) instead of foo.bufferWhileBy(bar), not sure it will work, but it might.