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Mar 2017
Frank Lemanschik
Mar 01 2017 18:39
can some one lend me a idea i want to code a crawler and i got stuck on the following situation: i get a array of urls now i want to request each and check if it has next and also emit results out of that request
so my problem is i want to perform 2 async action on one stream prob and want return a single stream
i tought about maybe using filter on it and filter out the urls that have a next page and then
filter out the once that don't got a next page but that don't goes deeper
so thats where i am hanging with handler could be a possible solution maybe?
so i get a single value that produces many values
but this values get async created :)
Frank Lemanschik
Mar 01 2017 19:01
Ah don't mind i got it working with a combination of flatten :)
and scan