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May 2017
Jack Jennings
May 09 2017 15:52
I build a small module for combining Kefir streams into a series of objects, but I'm stuck on what to call it:
Currently I'm calling it "spec", but I don't like that this implies that it is a specification of Kefir—possibly "evolve" or maybe "blueprint"
Not sure what language to use here. Any thoughts?
Frank Lemanschik
May 09 2017 17:39
that exists already
if you merge 2 streams you get a serial stream
if you zip them you get always 2 pairs
the result of merge should be equal isn't it
i don't even understand your spec result :)
Jack Jennings
May 09 2017 18:01
The spec function takes a JS object where the values are streams, and emits objects in the same structure but with the last stream value in each key/value pair.
If this exists in core I would be happy to see how
Jack Jennings
May 09 2017 18:06
Juha Paananen
May 09 2017 19:50
This look almost exactly like Bacon.combineTemplate
There seems to be a Kefir version too:
Jack Jennings
May 09 2017 21:12
Frank Lemanschik
May 09 2017 21:14
it looks a bit like what we do with canjs
and our can-computes and can-stream-kefir
if your searching for a dom diffing framework
that suports kefir streams to update values realtime
we have nice realtime template bindings for streams :D