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May 2015
Paul Dragoonis
May 01 2015 19:30
@alfrekjv @BenExile @noisebleed @rawkode that's a ChainRouter now part of ppi/framework[develop] - it continues to only work with Symfony, but the design shift paves the way to work with multi-vendors for routing :) :clap:
Vítor Brandão
May 01 2015 19:53
Well done @dragoonis! This one goes straight to our slides. I can work on them tomorrow if you want.
David McKay
May 01 2015 19:57
Good work mate
Paul Dragoonis
May 01 2015 20:06
@noisebleed work on them as soon as you want to :)
@noisebleed added unit tests for our ChainRouter - only one method override from symfony-cmf/ChainRouter
@rawkode cheers mate!
Paul Dragoonis
May 01 2015 23:30
@BenExile I've merged in your bower work into skeletonapp[develop] - it needs a bit more love :)