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Apr 2017
Apr 11 2017 18:57
Thta's good news
i have 3 big apps in production using prado 4.. well, dev-master to be exact
the big jump was converting custom js from prado3.2 to prado3.3 (jquery)
moving from prado 3.3 to prado4 was just a matter of adding composer.json and fixing some includes
the big pro was to drop bundled libraries from protected/Common/ and add let composer handle them
Apr 11 2017 19:02
So.. probably the time is ripe to release an official 4.0
Fixing #642 before is probably a good idea
Also, a lot of bugs are about db access: ActiveRecords, Sql mapper
honestly, i tried once to use them in a small project, but it was more a pain that using plain sql to me
so, i'm not using them and i'm not even.. "qualified" .. to fix them
i'm undecided between moving the whole framework/Data/ directory into a different repo
and.. just keep it as it is
suggestions are welcome!
Apr 11 2017 19:09
@darthdaniel85 worked on Wsat recently, i'd like to hear his opinion on this