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Jan 2018
John Cass
Jan 09 2018 08:03
Thank you for that explanation - helps a lot.
John Cass
Jan 09 2018 08:53

I'm also trying to understand how to use validation groups with TActiveCustomValidator.

  • let's say I have a page that contains the components as per the tutorial example.
  • I also set AutoPostBack="true" so that the validation is triggered as soon as the cursor leaves the textbox.
  • there are other input fields on the page as well, mostly just with TRequiredFieldValidators linked to them
  • because I do not want the TRequiredFieldValidators to trigger when the active textbox does its post back, I need to use two separate validation groups - correct?

The problem is that when the user then clicks on a button to submit the form, I can only specify one validation group and any errors in the other validation group is ignored.

What's the best practice for dealing with the above please?