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Jan 2018
Jan 15 2018 18:07
@cass_john_twitter sorry for the delay on this answer;
you are correct in using two validation groups in order to trigger validation on different inputs at different times
The "submit" button will cause validation on all the groups defined on the page as long as the CausesValidation property is enabled (default)
you can restrict the button to validate a single group by setting the ValidationGroup property
but in your case you just want to omit a ValidationGroup, and the submit button will trigger validation on both groups (at least, it should)
More complex scenarios are not really easy to handle; eg. you can't have 3 groups and trigger validation only on 2 of them
Jan 15 2018 18:12
This is currently a limitation.. even if, by now i never saw a ticket requesting this feature to be implemented (yet)
Oh, and thanks for the quickstart documentation fix :)