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Feb 2016
Sonya Moisset
Feb 08 2016 01:45

Free Code Camp Seoul

Weekly UI Challenges – 5th Edition!

Hi Campers!

Over the course of the coming weeks, you’ll design several user interface elements for mobile and web. This project was built to provide a fun way to improve your skills as a developer and get feedback from others who are in the same boat.

How this will work:

  1. Every Monday we'll give you an element to design for the next FCC meeting
  2. Some prompts will be intentionally high-level, so it's up to you to interpret how to design/develop it (i.e. mobile vs web, full page vs one component, etc)
  3. Provide feedback to others who are doing the challenge during the FCC meeting
  4. Post your challenge on CODEPEN.IO with the hashtag #FCCGLOBAL. You can also add it to your website/portfolio
  5. Post your challenge on the FCC Seoul Facebook Page.
  6. Become a better developer over the course of a few weeks :)

For this 5th edition, you will choose between

  • A Quote
  • A Social Sharing
  • A Header Navigation

If you don't feel inspired to do this week's UI, you can still do the previous ones!

  • Week 1 -> Above the fold Landing Page | 404 Page
  • Week 2 -> Sign-Up Form | User Profile | Music or Audio Player
  • Week 3 -> Boarding Pass | Food/Drink Menu | Leaderboard
  • Week 4 -> Calendar | Special Offer | Dropdown Menu

Lists of tools you can use for this challenge

  • CSS/CSS3
  • SASS/LESS/Jade/Stylus/CoffeeScript...
  • Bootstrap/Foundation/Skeleton/Material Design/Bulma...
  • JavaScript/jQuery/jQuery UI...
  • Angular/React/Polymer...
  • And most importantly Google! =D

Be creative and keep on coding!