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Sep 2016
Bryce Boe
Sep 04 2016 01:42
What do you have so far?
Based on this it would seem you got the help you needed:
Zhifu Ge
Sep 04 2016 01:44
Oh my gosh @bboe , did you just merge my PR? This is my first open source contribution, ever!
Thank you so much!
Bryce Boe
Sep 04 2016 03:12
Haha. Thanks @zhifuge it's awesome work. It'll probably get improved some over time, but certainly a great start.
Dale Cudmore
Sep 04 2016 14:04
@bboe I'm still trying to figure out why I'm getting that error
there's no children when I visit the URL it calls
this is the full set of data:
{"kind": "Listing", "data": {"modhash": "lp7pm0r0te27a70d8254066fd0b5384505b60ae53a5f271620", "children": [], "after": null, "before": null}}
so when it tries to call "children[0]", it gives the index error
Don't really know where to go from there.
Zhifu Ge
Sep 04 2016 14:29
@bboe I will keep working on it.
Bryce Boe
Sep 04 2016 17:06
@DCuddies can you copy the entire stacktrace?
here it is, it gives the error when it gets to an inbox message, it reads/prints the inbox comments no problem.