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Mar 2017
George Schizas
Mar 13 2017 09:46
Is there a way to force praw to expand comment threads with "continue this thread" links?
Set threshold=0 if you want to replace those (it'll be really slow).
@gschizas ^
Although, threshold=0 is already the default, so you probably need to set limit=None which really is slow.
George Schizas
Mar 13 2017 16:44
Hmm... I guess I mistakenly thought that limit=0 is the same as limit=None
George Schizas
Mar 13 2017 17:15
It worked, BTW. I didn't mind its slowness, this wasn't a really big thread. I just needed it really dead :)
Bryce Boe
Mar 13 2017 19:09
Yeah those parameters unfortunately are a little confusing there.