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Mar 2017
Bryce Boe
Mar 18 2017 03:46
@elnuno no rush. Just wanted to check in. Thanks!
David Schmidt
Mar 18 2017 16:34
Does somebody have a list of possible known errors reddit might return?
How does a ratelimit error look in praw4?
Mar 18 2017 22:05
@bboe after using the for a while I get 401 HTTP response, am I doing something wrong? "..\lib\site-packages\prawcore\", line 98, in _request_with_retries raise self.STATUS_EXCEPTIONSresponse.status_code prawcore.exceptions.InvalidToken: received 401 HTTP response"
David Schmidt
Mar 18 2017 22:25
@smoothlystable the authentication is expired. except the error and stream again. This should trigger a reauth. stream() should do this imho