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Mar 2017
The former is included as a test, but it produces a 500 HTTP response when it fetches the conversation. The second file has essentially the same logic, but works just fine when run as a script.
Bryce Boe
Mar 20 2017 03:58
@leviroth try setting self.reddit.read_only = False
I realized this is pretty unintuitive when it took me over an hour to figure out a similar issue.
I'm not 100% sure that will fix the problem, but it sounds like it might.
Also sounds like you found a bug on Reddit's end, as they shouldn't be 500 at all.
@smoothlystable are you reliably able to get that exception?
PRAW should be smart enough to not make a request with an expired token. Perhaps it's not terribly accurate.
Levi Roth
Mar 20 2017 04:55
@bboe That indeed fixed it, thanks.
Bryce Boe
Mar 20 2017 04:57
Awesome. I'll see about looking at your PR soon. Working on an update to make the streams a little less eager.