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Apr 2017
Apr 02 2017 00:49
Awesome thanks @d-schmidt!
could you help with another issue I'm having? Trying to update the sidebar of a live thread as well but running into a 403 error. It was working before a few days ago, but it just stopped working with any and all the bots. Didn't even change anything in the code
Rick Willcox
Apr 02 2017 07:33
Hey guys, Does the code r.subreddit('test').comments() return the newest comments from a subreddit, so If i were to leave a bot running it would basically work on all submission from then on?
Jamie Kalloe
Apr 02 2017 14:29
Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody could help me using praw
subreddit search function
using field paramters
I just made a post explain my problem, please have a look if you'll have time
Jamie Kalloe
Apr 02 2017 14:55
Found it, I had to put the syntax parameter to lucene, silly mistake
get_reddit_instance().subreddit('negativewithgold').search('url:dfo02u', syntax='lucene')
Bryce Boe
Apr 02 2017 15:18
@artbn how has it stopped working?
@willcoxDev you would have to do it in a loop, but essentially yes.
That's what subreddit('...').stream.comments() does.
@JamieKalloe good work figuring that out. I'll probably make lucene the default in PRAW5 so it's consistent with the website.
Jamie Kalloe
Apr 02 2017 18:33
@bboe Thanks! Good idea
I was was wondering if anyone could help me with this one: I want to loop through all controversial comments of /r/all of the last 24 hours
What I'd want would look like this : for comment in reddit.subreddit('all').comments.controversial('day'):
does anyone know how this is possible?
Bryce Boe
Apr 02 2017 20:02
Does that not work? @JamieKalloe
Jamie Kalloe
Apr 02 2017 20:17
unfortunately not, this shows the controversial submissions of the last day, I was looking for all controversial comments of the last day, but even reddit might not support that since you can only few the latest comments like this: you can't filter by day etc
Bryce Boe
Apr 02 2017 22:32
Oh comments. I missed that. There is no way to sort comments of a subreddit.
@JamieKalloe ^