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Apr 2017
Apr 03 2017 03:36
Is it possible to get the comments by newest first rather than the default (oldest) using stream.comments()
Bryce Boe
Apr 03 2017 05:16
@ifasina the stream is essentially real-time.
So old/new is irrelevant except for the first ~100 results.
Apr 03 2017 05:20
@bboe Thanks! I'm a still confused by your last sentence though, what do you mean by its irrelevant for the first 100 results?
Bryce Boe
Apr 03 2017 06:29
The stream fetches up to 100 results when starting.
So those are the only ones which are not real-time.
Apr 03 2017 14:28

@bboe originally the bot would read the sidebar from Reddit Live Thread and copy the top half, then replace the bottom half with new information from a text file and then submits the new sidebar.

Now I when I try to run the bot, I get a 403 error. The whole above process used to work without error about a week ago, but in the last few days, I continuously get a 403.

I've tested every step of the process and it all works correctly until it attempts to submit the new sidebar. That means it can read but not submit