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Sep 2018
Bryce Boe
Sep 04 2018 06:50
@Theonefoster it seems like your package's praw.ini file may not be correct.
That copy of the file (the one alongside the package) shouldn't be edited.
Specifically, it seems like the check_for_updates=True line is missing.
Try adding check_for_updates=True or check_for_updates=False if you want to disable it, to the relevant section, and you should get past that line 98 error.
Sep 04 2018 07:22
Thank you for the reply. I added a [DEFAULT] section, including the updates line, to the file as per your link and now things work as expected. However I just copied this file from my raspberry pi running raspbian - is it a windows thing? Seems odd that it would work on raspbian but not windows.
Bryce Boe
Sep 04 2018 16:07
@Theonefoster pip install praw installs that praw.ini by default.
Maybe you accidentally deleted something from it?
Sep 04 2018 17:58
I don't think I did, but I've added various reddit accounts' details to the file over time so it seems that most likely explanation is human error!
Sep 04 2018 23:57
@bboe question: with cloudsearch gone, is there a way to search through your own PMs past a certain point back?