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  • Aug 05 19:26

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    Create LICENSE (#37) (compare)

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  • Aug 05 19:26
    avelino opened #37
  • Aug 05 19:26

    avelino on add-license-1

    Create LICENSE (compare)

  • Aug 05 19:23

    avelino on master

    not use travisci on hugo doc re… (compare)

  • Aug 05 19:21
    avelino closed #32
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    avelino on master

    Update incorrect table name att… (compare)

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    avelino closed #33
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  • Aug 05 19:20
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    avelino on master

    Added PREST_PG_DATABASE var and… (compare)

  • Aug 05 19:19
    avelino closed #36
  • Aug 05 19:17

    avelino on master

    use github action to rebuild dy… (compare)

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    set coveralls button on Signed… (compare)

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    avelino on master

    create releases page Signed-of… (compare)

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  • Jul 29 21:43
    luizvital opened #36
  • Jul 29 21:35
Chris Camel
Is it related to prest/prest#308 ?

hi! I'm trying to use prest on ionic but I'm getting the cors error. Access to XMLHttpRequest at '' from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.

I already set alloworigin = [""]. What am I doing wrong?

hello,How to implement like (update table set count=count+1 where id=xxx)
@machengling open issue, like your condition count+1, is
very very utils
Bnaya Peretz
Any info how to deploy on appengine?
Hi guys. I'm dead with CORS. Does someone know how to disable it in postgres?
Why should I be underlined before the page?
Is anyone here?
Joel M. de Souza

Why should I be underlined before the page?

Sorry i don't understood. Make a exemple, please.

Niklas Kolster
Anyone set-up prest for multiple users or have hints or pointers how to do it? Could not find in the basic documentation
Adam Machnikowski
does anyone know if it is possible to change access-control-allow-header from wildcard to specific headers? Because I have a customer that needs this to work on iOS and I would prefer a simple solution, rather then adding an extra proxy to change headers...
Adam Machnikowski
I found a trace of allowheaders setting in the github repo (seems similar to alloworigin) but I can't get it to work :/
is this product still active?
Is there a way to know the column attributes (Integer, Float, Varchar etc)?

When executing SQL Scripts I get the following error:
"could not parse script sample/company, could not execute template template: queries\sample\ \"queries\\sample\\\" is an incomplete or empty template"

Is there anything I'm missing from my end?

I'm following everything as per the documentation and also tried the solution suggested in Issue #341. It does not work for me.
whenever i hit the service url
i get below error
"error": "pq: no pg_hba.conf entry for host \"\", user \"mbrcoverage_user\", database \"membcoveragesbdev\", SSL off"
can anyone tell me how to resolve this issue
Dan Lynch
hello! any examples out there for how JWT works in this platform?
1 reply
it looks solid! I have my own auth tables and can issue tokens and do the authentication in postgres, hoping to be able to see how it's done
I woud like to port pREST to Firebird. Would it be very difficult
2 replies
has anybody encountered with the problem, when _select is ignored?
5 replies
maybe there is a solution?