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Apr 2017
Justin Murray
Apr 18 2017 18:26
@prettydiff just gave the stuff in the 2.2.0 branch a try... There is some improvement, but there is still a race condition where I sometimes get errors. It seems like the modules have to be loaded in a particular order, but that dependence isn't explicit. Doing what your example has loads them all async, so sometimes the order is correct and it works, and other times it isn't and I get exception like TypeError: global.prettydiff.diffview is not a function in bower_components/prettydiff/prettydiff.js (line 289)
Austin Cheney
Apr 18 2017 20:08
I will spend more time looking at this right now, and see if I can nail this down.
Austin Cheney
Apr 18 2017 23:16
Would you mind putting up your latest code attempt? I am not able to reproduce.