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hi there!
I tried to debug the code; however, the debugger is working really slow for some reason – any experiences? (Debugging as addon via firefox dev tools configured as explained in https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/Setting_up_extension_development_environment)
any experiences with that?
Giacomo Ritucci
Hey everyone.
Debugging: disabling console logging seems to improve the performance
I'm actually having trouble running builds with DEBUG=true, I get an error when Pencil tries to start the debugging server. I'll have to look into it as that's how I usually debug.
oh, that happend to me too.
For the (possibly related) data loss bugs: did anyone ever have a look if the data is actually erased or if it is more of a permanently-not-displayed issue?
(regarding #602, #518)
@prikhi were you able to fix the debug bug
anybody knowing what
are? Both are SVGs and are used in Controller.prototype._updatePageFromView
@jdittrich debug builds are fixed in develop.
@jdittrich for xulrunner, couldn't get any processes to show up in FF's remote debugger when launching using firefox --app
great, I give it a try
Shawn Scammahorn
Really glad I found your fork @prikhi. Came for the PNG export, staying for the updates. Quick question: Is there a dimensions limit on PNG export? Exported multi-page EP, but last 1024 x 2700 tab doesn't export (everything else does). I'm running the Firefox extension, BTW
Joe Mirizio
@prikhi when I connected via the Firefox remote debugger, I also didn't see any remote processes.
Andres Granada

Hello. Great job. Do you have plans to include new features such as drag tabs ?. How I can help?.

Thank you.

I assume for now on we try to fix the many bugs that are there
I suppose we would love new features as well, but there are really severe problems that should probably be fixed first
Dave Andersen
It looks like background opacity on the sketchy list box doesn't work (at least on Windows). I couldn't find an existing issue for this, but I thought I might ask here if anyone knows about it before adding more noise to the issue list
I'm interested in trying to fix it, but I'll need to find some time to go through the docs. I found the Definition.xml kind of hard to follow
Craig Fisk
Hey guys, I'm pretty new to using Pencil but thought i'd try and contribute as much as I can. More of a technical user at the moment but I might get chance to have a poke around the code in the future. Looks like I'm going to be using the application a lot at my new job so I'll try and keep up to date with builds and report bugs as I find them.
In the mean time I've created a new export template I want to share but not sure the best place for it? It's similar to the standard HTML export but functions more like a working prototype (only showing one page at a time) and I've improved the links by ditching the map areas in favor of absolutely positioned DIVs with click events attached
Arief Bayu Purwanto
hi guys
Sudhir Khanger
Is this still in active development? Why are there so many bugs reported?
Hi there, can someone explain to me what the difference between this version of pencil and the one from the evolus repository is?
>SunyataZero on GitLab<
@xamm +1 i'm would like to know this also