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Prince John Wesley
node's REPL has issues handling multiline commands. You can find some open issues here: https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+repl+label%3Arepl+label%3Aconfirmed-bug+
Mancy addresses those issues and has some interesting features(most of them are requested by the community).
Gajus Kuizinas
You might want to put this info way up to of the README.md
hey everyone, how do you add modules to the REPL so i can do const jsforce = require('jsforce'); i see an add module path but doesn't seem to working for me on ubuntu 14.04
nevermind, just had to restart the application :)
Prince John Wesley
@woowe Not working without restart?
Björn Tegelund
Any way to easily open Mancy in the current working directory? mancy . doesn't seem to do anything
Tommy Falgout
@princejwesley Thanks for creating this! I've been looking for a good REPL for a long time since starting Node and I think I've found it!
Is there a way to add a bootstrap file? i.e. commands to run upon startup?
Ah, I did just find the "startup script" option; however, I think that might be better to pass as a CLI argument since there could be different startup scripts per project.
Prince John Wesley
we have CLI options
Michael B
if i'm adding a custom language REPL to src/languages, what's the simplest correct way to set the output? i'm using ReplLiveScript.js as a template. i want to feed the input to some external process, get a string back, and put that string in the output. I can get my result within the transpile, and print it to console, but can't seem to get it to the output (tried return cb(null, my_output_string); am i correct in assuming that transpile is for repl-typed code and evaluate is for loaded files?
Michael B
nevermind, got it
Michael B
lua (hammerspoon) in mancy haha http://i.imgur.com/tyOs0zq.png
Prince John Wesley
@heptal Good. Feel free to ping me if you need any help
Denis Stoyanov
@princejwesley do u plan to add support for elm and purescript?
Prince John Wesley
@xgrommx I'll spend time to see the feasibility. I haven't tried purescript before. I'll play with elm and let you know.
Denis Stoyanov
@princejwesley elm, purescript now we can just npm i elm -g, npm i purescript -g
Peter Schussheim
@princejwesley what exactly is the notebook mode?
Prince John Wesley
@peterschussheim we can edit the executed code and rerun
Naresh Kumar
var a=10;
dont print a value
it prints undefine
Prince John Wesley
in console window? can you see a pinky bell at the status bar?
Naresh Kumar
k...got it
Mark Labenski
Multiple users reporting the same error in the Github issues, no solution yet to be found :(
Prince John Wesley
@marklabenski Sorry Mark. I'll address the issues this weekend. Very sorry for not being active
Karlo Luis Martinez Martos
Hi there.
is anybody using Mancy on mac without getting the kq_init: warnings on the console? same as here: princejwesley/Mancy#170 ?
Prince John Wesley
sorry guys, for personal reasons, I don't have time to address github issues. I'll be back soon to address them. thanks
I failed! Who can help me !
Ali Ghanavatian
hi people
any idea how to use a package with this thing?
i've chosen the node_modules and i try to import the package but it keeps showing "not defined" errors
Ali Ghanavatian
@PedroGao looks like you don't have node/npm or it's not installed properly. i suggest installing them with 'nvm'.
follow install instructions here https://github.com/creationix/nvm
Ali Ghanavatian
i got it. after setting node_modules i have to do a ctrl+shift+r
Harlan Barnes
Hello all. Mancy is great and thank you for your work on the product. I have a question I can't seem to solve. How do I reduce the window/screen width. I have a 3-monitor display and it opens as a very large window across all three. I can shorten the widith to a point but I can't get it down to a reasonable size for a single monitor. Is there some trick to this?
FWIW, I can change the window height to any level. But the window width seems to have a minimum that is based on the width of the monitor (or virtual monitor in my case).
If I want to use Node v10, what can I do?
hey guys, how do I set Mancy to run in my package's env?
I tried -p with no success