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K Wood
More specifically I'm trying to use this with the drag and drop demo, and I've got it showing up in the tray on the left hand side, but when I drag it on to the canvas I get the error
How do you let your app know how to find the factory for it?
K Wood
Got it! Instead of defining engine as new CreateEngine, I needed to use this.props.app.getDiagramEngine()
Hey there - it seems like the repo has quite a few open issues and hasnt been updated in 20 days - is this project dying? Not trying to be negative, but is project storm working on this anymore?
Dylan Vorster
i work on it when i get time
I have a project coming up shortly that will see it have some activity soon
Jeremy Kuhnash
does anyone have working directions on how to build a standalone project?
Hi I am new room. has anyone have any experience creating only one link between two nodes. Currently it’s creating multiple link between two nodes. How can I make changes so that it will create single link between two nodes?
Hi everyone,
How's it going?
is it(react-diagrams) run on mobile?
if you have any way, please let me know.
Daniel McQuillen
@dylanvorster @renato-bohler If either of you have some consulting hours available wondering if you're available and interested in adding an enhanced change-detection feature to the latest version, if possible. Pinging @renato-bohler because you tried to explain to me what to do but I'm just too slow (projectstorm/react-diagrams#819) and @dylanvorster because well gosh you made this awesome thing.
Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to update the position of ports after dynamically adding/removing ports to a node? I saw some mention of calling the recalculatePortsVisually method on the DiagramEngine but I cannot find any such method. I have also tried calling port.reportPosition() but does not seem to update the ports position either. I am using v6.6.1 of the library.
how to remove all node and link in model ?
1 reply
Malav Shah
Hi, I am facing huge performance issue while dragging link in smart routing. Any solution for that?
Igor Levdansky

Try to run simple example and get:

Uncaught TypeError: a.default is not a constructor
    at l.componentDidMount (index.umd.js:16:687)
    at commitLifeCycles (react-dom.development.js:20664:24)

Any ideas?

Neil Glenister
Hey all, does anyone know how to change the node draggable area? At the moment the whole node is draggable which is causing an issue if you want to highlight text on it. Ideally we'd disable the drag event when you're selecting text on the node, or set the drag event to a specific part of the node (e.g. a toolbar). Has anyone tried something similar?
1 reply
Jonathan Nachman
hi all , just started playing around with the examples. is there a way to automatically place the nodes , or would i have to move them around,e.g like a auto sort and space them out? thanks
Andrii Zhyvchyn
hi all!
how I can trigger rerender of label widget if related link were changed?
Troy Peterson
Hi all, any idea if we can expect an update to make it work with React 18 any time soon?
3 replies
Hi all,
How I can drag and drop port?
Ejiro Lennox A.
Hi everyone where can i find info on how to clone/duplicate a node?
1 reply
How to track nodes in a model, setState functions are not allowed inside registerListener function
models.forEach((item) => {
      entityRemoved: (event) => {
          components: currentComponents,
I want to track deletion and addition of nodes and send them through api, pls help
selectionChanged: (e) => this.showNodeConfiguration(e),
entityRemoved: (e) => this.removeNode(e)
}); after adding this line for node onclick now i am unable to drag node please help
hi does any one know how to create vertical playbooks or workflow using projectstorm
currently we can create horizontal playboooks
hello,i want to know how to change border and color of the node ?
I am trying to use the projectstorm react diagram library, so far I have managed to get something working in a demo project. But this I now want to use in my actual work project where they build react widget plugins, unfortunately I am a novice in react as well as typescript and my apologies if it is obvious that I know very little, I did the demo app by creating a react app in the usual way with npx create-react-app my-app, had to add some compiler options but all started working in the end. Then I trasnferred it to my work project but here I run into issues, it is a typescript react project and due to my limited knowledge I am not sure what is causing this issue, but the issue is that it is complaining about circular dependencies in the projectstorm diagram library. This is odd for me that it did not complain in the demo app but in this project which I created with a scaffolding tool provided to me for the IDE framework we are working in (a low-code framework), but to the eye the structure looks the same as my demo app, I installed projectstorm react digram in the same way. What in the coniler or setup will cause this circular dependency to be picked up as an error and how can I disable it? Obviously there is something setup differently but I do not know where to start looking. This is the 3 circular dependency errors:
Error: Circular dependency: node_modules/@projectstorm/geometry/dist/Polygon.js -> node_modules/@projectstorm/geometry/dist/Rectangle.js -> node_modules/@projectstorm/geometry/dist/Polygon.js
Error: Circular dependency: node_modules/@projectstorm/react-diagrams/node_modules/@projectstorm/react-diagrams-routing/dist/link/PathFindingLinkFactory.js -> node_modules/@projectstorm/react-diagrams/node_modules/@projectstorm/react-diagrams-routing/dist/link/PathFindingLinkModel.js -> node_modules/@projectstorm/react-diagrams/node_modules/@projectstorm/react-diagrams-routing/dist/link/PathFindingLinkFactory.js
Error: Circular dependency: node_modules/@projectstorm/react-diagrams/node_modules/@projectstorm/react-diagrams-routing/dist/link/RightAngleLinkFactory.js -> node_modules/@projectstorm/react-diagrams/node_modules/@projectstorm/react-diagrams-routing/dist/link/RightAngleLinkModel.js -> node_modules/@projectstorm/react-diagrams/node_modules/@projectstorm/react-diagrams-routing/dist/link/RightAngleLinkFactory.js
Zihan Xu
Hi I am new to the tech stack sorry if this question is a little silly - I am wondering how we can store a modifiable value (say, an int) in a node and allow modification onDoubleClick, do we have to create customized nodes in order to do that? Thanks!
Abhishek Sarkar

Hi, are there any issues in using useEffect with this project? I am fetching some data from a redux store (say nodes), observing changes to nodes using useEffect, and adding them to the diagram but this is not working for some reason. This is a pretty standard react flow. Is there anything I am missing here? Any help will be much appreciated

I have also raised an issue in github for the same projectstorm/react-diagrams#973

Abhishek Sarkar
Also, I can see the nodes getting added to the model using model.getNodes() However, when I am calling repaint on the engine using engine.repaintCanvas() the new nodes are not showing up
@abhisheksarka my guess would be that the new nodes that you are adding have a zero width and/or height