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    Andrej Zachar
    I am looking for a help to setup a coverage report for the plugin code itself. I have 2 types of tests a) unit tests (there is no problem with istanbul, it covers around 20% of the plugin code) and then 2) integrational tests that emulate running protractor with a test configuration of the plugin (it covers around 80% of the plugin code) . The integrational tests execute a child process with the tested protractor plugin configuration. Do you have any idea how to track a coverage of a protractor plugin code? PS: Just to be clear, I do not need to calculate protractor tests' coverage. I need to cover the meta coverage of the plugin itself. Thanks for your help!
    Hey @azachar , Is there a way to customize the Home Page in the report? Would like to update title, logo, jumbotron, remove the link to E2E report in the top nav since it does not load anything?
    Andrej Zachar
    Hey @uscengineer, so far there is no possibility to do so, but such you PR would be a nice enhancement!
    Stefan Meyer
    hi there
    Stefan Meyer

    Short question: Just tried installing the plugin with the following error:

    lwip2@1.0.7 install C:..........\node_modules\lwip2
    [exec] > node lib/install.js
    [exec] events.js:160
    [exec] throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event

    Using nodejs 6.10 on windows 8.1
    Have you encountered this porblem to?
    usinf protractor 4.0.13
    Andrej Zachar
    Hello @spoonguard2k , I think it might be related to this issue, have a look azachar/protractor-screenshoter-plugin#29
    Installed Failed at the lwip2@1.0.11 install script
    Arthur Shir
    This plugin is awesome. Thank you Andrej
    Andrej Zachar
    @mrj04 Try to install the new version 0.4.0 that makes Image to Ascii optional
    for your information to use image to ascii on 0.3.2 you need to install
    sudo apt-get install graphicsmagick
    than all issues with lwip2 will disappear, on 0.4.0 you need to install also npm install image-to-ascii
    @fantaandcrackers you are welcome :)
    Andrej Zachar
    Happy new year 2018!
    Edirin Atumah
    Hi Andrej
    Andrej Zachar
    Hi @bongosway
    Denise Mauldin
    Hi all. I'm trying to figure out a way to do a diff between two images. I used protractor-screenshoter-plugin to generate the images and saved them in a directory. Is there a way to then compare those baseline images to the new ones generated in the test?
    @azachar I like the plugin! :)
    Andrej Zachar
    Hello @denisemauldin, thank you for your question. In general it is possible. Reports.js contains specs and expect including images. The questions is how to compare them, I guess this is far behind this plugin scope. But I believe that you can read report.js file and extract data and then compare it. For a compare google it, I am sure you will find something.
    Hi all, since 0.10.1, I removed image-to-ascii optional dependency from package.json that was causing install headache. So for 99% of users this will help a lot. If you still want to use image-to-ascii feature, install image-to-ascii individually. See the install section how to proceed in readme.md. Cheers, Andrej
    Hi @azachar , is there any way to search for tests in the UI. I have used this plugin and I have 200+ tests.. So, now , I don't see any way to search for any test. I need to manually change pages and go to next pages.
    Brendan Donegan
    hi, really like the plugin and want to use it for our cross browser testing. what's the recommended way to avoid errors like 'Error in browser instance firefox while taking the logs:POST /session/b76be450-ab55-4288-b51c-99475773077e/log did not match a known command'
    i assume i need to configure it not to take console logs when the browser is not Chrome?
    (perhaps it would be nice if it figured this out itself and didn't try to do that if not running against Chrome)
    Andrej Zachar
    Hey zbrenda
    Sorry, the keyboard is not working on mobile client
    @brendan-donegan this issue is known
    Basically you cannot use logs capturing on other browser then chrome
    Chrome is only one that supports capturing log
    Sorry for that, but this is out of my control
    Cheers, Andrej

    Hi @azachar , I recently installed this plugin and the reports are generating almost perfect in my local and I can view reports in index.html BUT when I added this to my Circle CI, the index.html generated there throws this error:
    <!doctype html>
    </head><body><!--[if lt IE 10]> <p class="browsehappy">You are using an <strong>outdated</strong> browser. Please <a href="http://browsehappy.com/">upgrade your browser</a> to improve your experience.</p> <![endif]--></body></html>

    I am using Chrome in my circle CI and it always gets the latest chrome debian package.

    Ramesh Kumar
    Hi guys ,
    i want to implement the "protractor-screenshoter-plugin" for Forked Browser Support
    in conf.js :
    global.browsers = {
    a: browser,
    b: browser.forkNewDriverInstance(),
    c: browser.forkNewDriverInstance()
    how to initialize/assign the browser instances for global.screenshotBrowsers['anyCustomNameOfBrowserDisplayedInReports'] = a;
    global.screenshotBrowsers.userB = b;
    any idea ?