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Repo info
    Welcome to #SoundCloudify room :)
    Kien Dau Ba
    Kien Dau Ba
    Sean Anderson
    Hey Hey
    Auto Click
    Anyone know about Websocket?
    https://web.whatsapp.com/ use it
    we can write chrome extension connect, get realtime message and show desktop notifications
    I wrote one extension connect to websocket server of freelancer.com to get realtime message
    Anh Nguyen
    Thats cool. Keep up your good work bro
    Sweet extension. Wondering if there are any plans on adding the option to import SoundCloud playlists? Keep up the good work (:
    Yes it is. Importing SoundCloud playlist iwll be in the next version! I'll inform you guys when it is finished
    Puneet Singh Ludu
    Youtube Login and Soundcloud login could be useful I think
    Also if we could connect to FB we can push notification for a user like "XYZ is listening to ABC using Soundcloudify"
    hmn.. I don't wanna make it too complicated I guess
    Matan Mashraki
    Hey! Can you do mobile website, please?
    Matan Mashraki
    @ptgamr Hey! Can you design http://soundcloudify.github.io/ to mobile also?
    hey @matamn I would love to
    Actually I have a friend working on an ios application for it
    I'll keep you guy posted when it's finish
    But I haven't had a plan for a mobile version of the app yet.
    Matan Mashraki
    @ptgamr I want a mobile website, don't mobile app.
    Matan Mashraki
    Matan Mashraki
    @ptgamr I want a mobile website, don't mobile app.
    Matan Mashraki
    @ptgamr please do a mobile website
    Sean Anderson
    Wooo just one more day of unpacking new house and I can get back to coding ^_^
    Chihau Chau
    Hi :)
    I am interested in develop a Android version of the app
    I don't know how upnext works so I would appreciate all the possible feedback
    @chihau hi, it's great!
    Hi, good job. Would you think of exposing your player as an independent library. So others can use it on their projects.
    http://soundcloudify.github.io/ Doesn't play music from soundcloud (for some reason), but I assume it's an old build as the extension plays soundcloud music just fine.
    Anmol Gupta
    I just downloaded upnext from the link given on the github page https://github.com/ptgamr/upnext/blob/master/upnext-1.2.14.zip?raw=true
    I am not able to figure out how to install the app
    I though there would be a .crx file but there is no such file.
    can someone help me with what should i do
    Thanks in advance
    I figured it out.
    Rikuo Hasegawa
    @awesome-coder Please don't be that guy and add how you solved your problem :)
    Yea !
    I can install UpNext in chromium Ubuntu 16.04
    1.- Download extension "upnext-1.2.14.zip"
    2.- Unzip in folder "upnext-1.2.14"
    3.- Import from: Extensions -> mark option: developer mode
    4.- Load extension not zipped.
    4.- Bingo!
    i'm just trying to load the upnext zip package in developer mode but it's not working
    , i don't know how to install it. what should i do?
    oops, found the solution