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yeetmanboi Oh I thought this was a pug server
David Ankin
if anyone can offer advice on how to share templates between apps with npm packages, that would be super appreciated.
David Ankin

i actually see that you can customize this here: https://pugjs.org/api/migration-v3.html but thats a weird place to put the plugin docs and i dont see it anywhere else. I opened a ticket for this.

if anyone wants to either close it with the link to the docs, or tell me how to make them, or make the plugin docs themselves, here's the issue: pugjs/pug-en#31

Luca Matei Pintilie
Hi, does anyone know how I can pass optional options to pug? I want to do something like res.render("page", {message: "Warning: ohno"}); but I don't want message to be required at all times. Is it possible to achieve this?
Cody Mikol
I think that’s outside the scope of pug and more the server side renderer that processes pug
Luca Matei Pintilie
Thanks, I figured it out :thumbsup:
Please help! My html is being rendered inline. Because of this I'm having CSP (Content Security Policy) issues everywhere on my app.


doctype html
    meta(name='viewport' content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0')


<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head><meta charset="UTF-8"><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">...


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
            <meta charset="UTF-8">
            <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
Hi guys, why this code returning error?
David Ankin
i dont think it supports new lines like that, i think thats only in blocks
Hi, my mac dont detect pug command
Carlos Orama
Hello, could I ask for help on an Angular tempalte? Im trying to pass down an array object as a paramter to a mixin
Alex Pavlovich
hey so did pug just become actively maintained? like 6 commits merged a couple days back
red is sus..., uhm I mean yeah I noticed that too and I would be very happy if it did
Marta Blázquez
Hi! could you please let me know if it is possible to include an image in pug proyect via URL instead folder path?
Thank you in advance
Somebody have some complet guide to share? All that I can find is to short and incomplete.
cͥërͣeͫ多ro Cër多ërนs
Hi guys...new here
Linda MacDonald
Hey there guys hope you are all doing well :) SO I am on a course that uses pug.js and must admit I LOVE pug, so got curious to learn more about it :) I went online to see a production site that uses pug, but I couldn't find any info...can you guys tell me about a site that uses pug in production. I would like to check out the load speeds of it
Nathan Parikh
Hi there, Is there any way to get the current page URL in pug? I've got a static site and am trying to build out canonical tags that will grab the current page url
Trincheira - Comunicação Visual
hey guys!!! :0
Rajasegar Chandran
I made a CLI tool to generate Pug mixins from SVG files
Appreciate any comments/feedback :pray:
Burt Harris
Hello. I'm investigating pug, seems quite interesting, I want to understand the high-level syntax better. The readme, under Tutorials, points to https://cssdeck.com/labs/learning-the-jade-templating-engine-syntax. This page doesn't seem to be working for me, and still seems use the name 'jade'. Is there really some tutorial-like docs behind this?
2 replies
Chan Cheung Wai
how to string to int in pug ?
Chris Pak
hello is anyone here
i need help with pug please
const chris = require('help')
Javier Sanchez
hello! Will pug be updated to use a newer safer version of lodash ?
├─┬ pug@3.0.2
│ └─┬ pug-code-gen@3.0.2
│ └─┬ constantinople@4.0.1
│ └─┬ @babel/types@7.11.0
│ └── lodash@4.17.20
Avinash Sharma
Hey everyone!
Is there a way to make the scrolling smooth?
especially when someone hits a button and it scrolls to another section within the page?
Filip Samuel

is it normal that this doesn't compile?


It gives me an "Unexpected token error", I've tried using pipes and left brackets to make Pug ignore it but it doesn't work


here is NEW pug-plugin for Webpack.

Now is possible to define pug templates in webpack entry. All styles and scripts will be automatically extracted from pug.

const PugPlugin = require('pug-plugin');
module.exports = {
  entry: {
    'index': './src/index.pug', // extract html, css and js from pug
  plugins: [
    new PugPlugin(),
  // ...

Now is possible to use the source files of styles and scripts directly in pug.

link(href=require('./styles.scss') rel='stylesheet')

The generated HTML contains hashed CSS and JS output filenames, depending on how webpack is configured.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/styles.05e4dd86.css">
<script src="/assets/js/main.f4b855d8.js"></script>
Rahul Gupta
A question for pug developers: Is it not possible to have a limited version of pretty like safePretty where line breaks are introduced only when a html block tag is followed by another block tag only.
Hi everyone, i so newbe here, i hope getting an advice with pug :)
Hello! Can i compile pug to pug?
Mehul Prajapati
Hey everyone

Are the devs/maintainers in here?

Hope you are doing great, and having a good day

I'm curious to know if this project is still being maintained, I've raised a feature request pugjs/pug#3379.

It would be great if you can have a look there :)

Lê Hoàng Huy Thanh
hi everyone
I am trying to run pug with express nodejs on cpanel
but app crash when I use include
please help me
it just does not run the res.render comand
how you all used to pass variable from express to the template .pug?
when calling render?
Dinh Nguyen
Hi guys,
I found a strange thing in my project, im not sure is it pug' normal behavior. I have a form with 3 input field username, password and remember. After login somehow i can access two variables named username and password (remember not working). I didnt create or pass them anywhere in all my pug files also route/controller files. They hold username and password input value.
Dinh Nguyen
Well i found some variable in my controller have the same name, but i didnt declare them with var/let keyword. Add declare keyword fix the problem, but is till dont understand how they pass into pug without explicit pass parameter
Dinh Nguyen
It turn out any varible assign before render without var/let keyword can be access in pug template