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Jun 2015
Paolo Ghibaudo
Jun 04 2015 08:20
hi all!
i'm back again :)
just a question: now I do this:
Car.carPaint paint = new Car.carPaint();
await ((MetroWindow)Application.Current.MainWindow).ShowChildWindowAsync(paint);
and works everything good, but I wish do some code when the child window will be closed... how can I do? if I add some code below, with the await is executed after the ShowChildWindow is called
Jan Karger
Jun 04 2015 08:29
i will implement this as soon as possible
for a quick workaround, just listen to the IsOpen event
Paolo Ghibaudo
Jun 04 2015 08:30
thanks @punker76
all right?
Paolo Ghibaudo
Jun 04 2015 08:41
i've added this to my childwindow code:
        public delegate void ChildIsClosedEventHandler();
        public event ChildIsClosedEventHandler ChildIsClosedEvent;

        private void ChildWindow_ClosingFinished(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
                if (ChildIsClosedEvent != null)
and works :)