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Sep 2015
Jon Alza
Sep 10 2015 11:17

Hello, I have a question about ShowMessageAsync() method, using it when a SimpleChildWindowis shown. In my child window I have a property to save the main window (MetroWindow):

public MainWindow ParentWindow { get; set; }

Then when I need to show the dialog I call it like this:

this.ParentWindow.ShowMessageAsync(title, message);

The problem is that the visual effect (dark background) only affects to the main windows, the child window is white so the dialog and child window are indistinguishable visually. Are there any plans to improve this?

Jan Karger
Sep 10 2015 12:24
maybe i will do the same like MahApps dialogs
Jon Alza
Sep 10 2015 13:02
Thank you!