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Repo info
    Jan Melcher
    Hey! I just installed this and now I'm wondering: How do you guys manage the 2700 files in the modules directory? You don't just commit them to your repository, do you?
    Luis Cordova
    people do unfortunately
    but there is puppet-librarian
    install that can allow you to remove the module folder from git repo
    checkout a blog post i did
    Is there someone ?
    I really like the mechanism of configure the vagrant file via one yaml-file. I want to fork the code and build a tool for building environments for security testing. But I also need windows base boxes and qemu as provider.
    Mark Simonds
    Anyone having problems installing with MySQL 5.7?
    Brian Mix
    yes I recently had to use 5.6 because 5.7 failed to install in centos 6.5
    Thomas Vanderhaeghen
    Hi! Does anyone have working nginx virtual host config for symfony with fpm?
    Anyone having problem installing with Ruby 2.3.1 ?
    Hi there! How can I increase memory of my VM without re-installation of it?
    Juan Treminio
    I didn't realize until recently there's a gitter group for puphpet :)
    Do y'all prefer this to the IRC channel?
    Ari Mourao
    @jtreminio irc servers are so 90's :smile: