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    TCP timeout maybe?
    David Caro
    I've had issues in the past with augeas lenses, when parsing big config files (we had an issue where we created huge config files...)
    it is a local apply, and doing puppet config print the manifests/hiera/code path are correct
    @david-caro I have 8 config files and the maximum length is 70 lines, I don' think it could be considered huge?
    David Caro
    I'd say not ;)
    I have also checked puppet config and the environmentpath / hiera path config matches
    Hi all, quick question: is there a way to require a reason to be entered when disabling an agent?
    Does anyone happen to know why I might get the following error even though puppet labs/stdlibs in in the module path? "Error: Evaluation Error: Unknown function: 'any2bool'"
    Its driving me crazy so any insight is appreciated. :)
    Punita Ojha
    This message was deleted
    Thirumoorthi Ramaswami
    hello all , how to run hiera tests ? any idea
    Olmo Rupert
    hey guys! Did anyone try to implement hiera-gpg in kitchen?
    Hi Guys, is there anyone using cucumber as part of their testing suite for puppet?
    Hi guys I was just wondering is there a way to transfer a folder including all sub-directory permissions to my puppet agent?
    since when I recursely transfer a directory it ended up changing all of the permissions to one mode instead . . of retaining its own permissions modes
    James Matthews
    hello, does anyone know the best approach for a puppet manifest when a host is provisioned to drop a file onto another host, e.g provision node03 and during the node03 puppet run, it will remotely place a file into a directory on node01 and reload the service on node01
    Matus Goljer
    Can I declare a dependency but not execute it? What I mean is that I have a module and it will not work without say Package['wget'] being present. But I don't want to manage that package, only tell the consumer (= user of my module) that they should install it. Would simply having require=>Package['wget'] be enough and just let it error out and let the user fix it, or is there some good way to do this?
    David Caro
    @Fuco1 the require is enough, but if you want to install the package if it's not there already, you can also use ensure_package
    (that's what I do at least) xd
    Matus Goljer
    @david-caro Thanks, I'm going to go with just the require then. I don't want to manage the packages because that usually just leads to pain.
    I'll need to learn how to unit/integration test puppet manifests to make sure things work out when I get them all together.
    Clarence "Sparr" Risher
    how can I tell what is causing "Provider upstart is not functional on this host" ?
    I have working /sbin/initctl /sbin/start etc provided by upstart v 0.6.5
    is there a way to creatae instance variable or to have foreman use a different branch of github to run?
    a puppet script?
    😎ಗೋಕಾಕ ಹುಡ್ಗ 👌
    Join my community Learn DevOps and Guide the beginners for understanding the DevOps https://gitter.im/DevOps-Getting-Started via @gitchat
    I am having a weird issue with Hiera
    When I check with facter, I can see my own variable: /opt/puppetlabs/bin/facter -y --external-dir /path/to/devops/puppet/hiera/
    aio_agent_version: 5.3.3
    but when I try to do a lookup I get the following error: Error: Function lookup() did not find a value for the name 'airflow_customers'
    i am trying to attach existing lb to multiple instances on same tf code with count , but i am seeing an error, but for single instance its possible, is there any work around?
    ignore above msg
    Massimo Sporchia
    Hello? I'm trying to setup a windows puppet-agent but I can't seem to be able to receive a certificate-sign request on the puppet master
    whenever I try the puppet agent -t I can see a GET request on the server-access logs
    I'm able to configure it using a RHEL machine
    Massimo Sporchia
    Two problems: I was using puppet server 1.2 and a too recent version of puppet-agent
    I downgraded the puppet-agent, then deleted the generated keys, retried and all is well :)
    Radu Codrin Leterna
    Anyone here integrate vault with hiera for secrets?
    Radu Codrin Leterna
    I only used eyaml encyption....
    Hello people :), I'm a newbie trying to use Terraform on Azure and Puppet for configuration management. I can't seem to find anything about Terraform installing/initializing a puppet-agent on a Windows VM during. Can anyone link some info on this?
    Renato Marinho
    This message was deleted
    Renato Marinho
    This message was deleted
    Suryatej Yaramada
    2018-05-24 15:15:35 +0000 Puppet (warning): The function 'hiera' is deprecated in favor of using 'lookup'. See https://docs.puppet.com/puppet/5.5/reference/deprecated_language.html\n (file & line not available)
    any idea about this warning
    yes. Hiera is not available for puppet 5+ ... Instead you need to use lookup function
    just another improvement for puppet :)
    budamaguntateja Hello All
    budamaguntateja Any guide for installing and setting up puppet for my environment ?