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Bro Bro
Hello! Maybe someone knows to to fix this? pwheel/spring-security-oauth2-client#8
Hello fellows, I am having an issue with spring oauth client that I am hoping you guys can help me with.
I have an angularJs application that makes a request for a protected resource, passing the header X-Requested-With = 'XMLHttpRequest'
My understanding was that when a request is received without authentication, it should be handled based on the configuration setup in SsoSecurityConfigurer
Meaning that instead of redirecting to the login page with a 302 a 401 status code is returned in the xhr response.
I am not seeing this behavior, instead its redirecting 302 to the /login endpoint, which in turn redirects 302 to the authorization endpoint /uaa/oauth/authorize which in turn redirects to the /uaa/login page
This results in HTML being sent back (representing the login page of the auth server) but the xhr response cannot process it and drops it on the floor
Resulting in the following error in the logs (Error in resource configuration for action query. Expected response to contain an array but got an object)
And no activity on the angular interface
I'd like to understand why the 302 is being returned as opposed to the 401 as expected based on the code
I am using spring-boot 1.3.5.RELEASE. Any help would be truly appreciated
Related bug for discussion: spring-projects/spring-boot#4629
Paul Wheeler
Hi @javarab sorry I hadn’t had Gitter open for a while. This seems like a core Spring Security question so if you haven’t resolved it already you’d be better off asking in the spring-security room
Damon Casale
Anyone alive on this chat?
Dears i already using oauth2 architecture implemented on oauth2 and it works well but when i run a load test on it i face an issue on the connection pool that the driver couldn't get a jdbc connection while i set the pool size with 500 connections any ideas?