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Feb 2017
Elias Dorneles
Feb 17 2017 04:43
in case anyone cares about the above, the correct thing was to use ICONST_0 / ICONST_1 to load the integer value, and ISTORE_name / ILOAD_name to store to and load from the stack
Dima Tisnek
Feb 17 2017 14:36
Are there more practical examples on using rubicon-objc ?
For example, what's the correct way to get ""?
Russell Keith-Magee
Feb 17 2017 14:41
The best examples of Rubicon in action will be in the Cocoa and iOS backends of Toga.
As for UIColor specifically:
UIColor = ObjCClass('UIColor’)
Dima Tisnek
Feb 17 2017 14:50
Ok, I'll study Toga, it did help me in the past too :) thanks!